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5 Year itch or serious doubt about Nomad Life?

The other day I wrote in my paper diary: Maybe coming to Mexico was a serious mistake…..now that is a phrase to ponder about. I do intuitive writing and this came from a place I need to explore. Will you explore with me? 

This phrase goes back all the way to February 2019 when I hopefully set foot on Mexican soil. Before that, I was still so excited, full of adventurous plans and future moves. Getting my visa from the Mexican Embassy was fun and fast, and leaving the trip through Italy was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I still can taste the great pizzas and coffee I took on the endless piazzas and in cure little coffee places filled with sweet treats.

I loved moving on from the Philippines, making plans for the future. and now here I am, I have never in my Nomad life lived such a long time in one place. And it is boring me to death.

I have explored every corner of Playa del Carmen and unless I want to spend hundreds of US$ on tourist attractions, which I cannot afford due to my business and income suffering from COVID, I have no other place to go than walking in the concrete jungle of Playa.

Cancun is the starting point of my  frustration

The frustration began in Cancun. Coming there to start the immigration process was a huge mistake. It took almost a year to get t my ID card, and I had to apply for the next years within 2 months after receiving my card. And now I am already 6 months int he process and still no card. A visit to Immigration this week told me that it could be 70 days or more.

So disappointing, really. and the waiting would not be so bad if it weren’t that there is nothing Mexican about this region other than the fake Maya dancing that is highly commercialized and the drug pushers that annoy you on 5th Avenue, making death threats if you ignore them and approaching you without facemasks.

COVID 19 in Mexico tourist area

COVID makes it hard to travel interstate, for every state has its own rules and regulations to handle the pandemic.

For example, this week I wanted to plan a trip to Merida. I asked some Facebook friends about the status there, the answers were a bit vague, so I dived in the Yucatan Government website to learn about what to expect. And although the state is Orange. They work with strict opening hours per business section and the rules are killing. tourist attractions have not opened yet. And I can’t even find a hotel that operates. And then there is the risk of bus travel. I don’t want to get sick. I do not have healthcare yet, because I am still in the process of the temporary resident permit.

If I would have a motor, and a license I could go places in more safety, and I would have less time to overthink all this, but I cannot register one because of the ID card.

So I am kind of stuck. And that sucks. I am tired of the limitations and the bureaucracy and I should have chosen another point of entry.

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Personal circumstances make it extra hard for me to keep smiling and show a positive attitude

It starts to show that I am not happy. The irritations are noticeable and the sadness makes my followers tired. I can understand that, but hey guys, my lifestyle is just different, it is not all glorious, it is a lifestyle with its own set of worries. Posting: can’t you be a bit happier, you have a good life, does not strike me as being supportive.

And like I wrote: business is challenging at the moment and so is my income. Nobody ever uses THE DONATE BUTTON  here on Floating Coconut to say thank you.

And my relationship ended due to constant lies and cheating from my Mexican lover.

And I can’t ride or plan anything.

And I am frustrated that by the time I have my motor I am 60 and 2 years of my life were just wasted due to some Chinese eating rotten fish or something and a shitload of bureaucracy.

Bedstee Netherlands

I have this weird nostalgic longing for a place

A place to call home where I can drink beer with friends and eat Dutch finger food. To shop in a garden centre I know and love so much, to be with friends anyhow. To own a cat, or walk my dog on the beach, to have a tomato plant and a small garden……to…….fuck….to settle down!!

Man, that is sick, I know I will be braindead in a month or so longing for this kind of life I have now.

It is all in my head, my heart and mind do not align. That must be it.

I have way too much free time on my hands, and that was the reason that line: maybe Mexico was a mistake.

Well, that is what I have come up with so far, that and the fact that researchers say the whole new normal makes people doubt everything and you can get seriously depressed from the current situation.

Your opinion, please?

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  • Wendy

    Hi Jeanette,
    Nice to hear from you.
    Thank you for the link though I would prefer to talk to you in person,
    that is if we get to meet next year.
    Do email me from time to time to let me
    know how you are getting on with life in Mexico.
    Meanwhile, I will continue to visit your website
    and check for any new updates from your website.

  • JC from Holland

    Hi Wendy. I am counting down, as soon as my ID card is ready I move on. If you have any questions about moving to Mexico as a solo female, you can ask me through this link we have a private moment and talk about what worries you and my experiences. Be safe and healthy!!

  • Wendy

    I am looking forward to traveling/moving to Mexico next year but at the same time I am feeling anxious about traveling there alone. Anyway, your website has been quite helpful.
    How are you doing in Playa de Carmen? Are you still stuck there or planning to travel to another part of Mexico?

  • Wendy

    Hi Jeanette,
    Thank you for your interesting website. I am glad I came across your website.
    Hope to meet up with you in Mexico next year.

  • Wendy

    Interesting to read about your experiences and thoughts.
    Indeed, all the uncertainties and restrictions can be very upsetting and depressing.
    Anyway, nice to see you smiling.
    Life can be tough but as long as we can share our unhappiness and whatever problems that may come our way, we can continue to try to feel more positive about our future.