Jeanette Slagt on leaving Holland

About JC from Holland?

Hello, nice to meet you here. My name is Jeanette Slagt also known as JC from Holland.

I live the life of a nomad, minimalistic and basic, happy with sand between my toes

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  • In 2015 I sold all I owned and left for the Philippines
  • In 2017 I started a long motorcycle trip through the Philippines
  • In 2019 I traveled through Italy before moving to Mexico where I currently stay

About my nomadic life

Even before the term ‘Digital Nomad’ was invented or the internet existed, I already did this kind of non-stop traveling and working thing in South America. Although there wasn’t much digital about that trip since those were the days snail-mail ruled the world.

I left the Netherlands when I was 17 in 1978 and returned 2.5 years later. I traveled the UK, Azores, Caribbean, and Latin America, through the Panama Canal and way down South through the Magellan Straight, all the way up again to Brazil and Barbados.

After returning home, I visited lots of places in Europe and North Africa. But always with a home address to return to.

Now there is no home to return to. Home is where my feet rest and where the internet is at my fingertips.

I work online while traveling the world

I am a writer, and blogger ever since blogging became a “thing” I do my own SEO and Social Media Management. I run 2 websites and advise people that want to change their lives, move abroad or become a digital nomad.


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My Personal Writings


I almost gave up!! RoadTrip to Bacalar.

I am the kind of person that can go really low when things go wrong. I am a glass-half-empty kind of person. When the glass was full, I drank half of it, that was good (or not??) and now it ...
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Reflecting on solo travel and loneliness

It is about enjoying the status you have right now……. A random line I read on the internet as I research the topic of being single and longing for touch. I long for touch, but I am also enjoying the ...
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Is Cancun nice?

This blog contains a collection of videos of Cancun. It is not about the Hotel Zone, but the real Cancun, where your hotel staff lives. The streets, the shops, the houses. I walked, rode, and lived in those areas on ...
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Is everything on the Internet true?

Gosh, I wish. I wish everything you read on the internet was true. Then it would be an amazing medium to help us grow and discover. But unfortunately, there is so much rubbish and fake news out there that it ...
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Travel photos: Samar and Leyte in The Philippines

Samar and Leyte are provinces not many tourists got o visit. And that is a shame, for although they are poorer than other parts of the Philippines, they are abundant in everything else. Especially in nature. There is plenty of ...
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tripAdvisor reviewer, how to, top reviewer, hotel reviews, TripAdvisor, point, badges

Become a top reviewer on TripAdvisor

I joined TripAdvisor in 2016 I believe. I created a profile and started reviewing. I have ranked up to Level 6 Contributor since than. And I always wonder what that really means. The points they give me for every review ...
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Good morning, give me money!

It is almost a daily greeting from the neighboring children when they spot me: Hello, give me money! At first, I thought: you impolite little greedy ones. Now, after a week or so, I wonder if they even know what ...
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Single again and the final destination set

Just an update on my daily life. A lot is happening and I have been so busy lately. So I mainly worked on programming the blog, preparing for the road trip, and healing from heartbreak once again.  Let's do it ...
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The BMW Black Collection and SW Motech side carrier, does it fit?

Many people probably wonder, just like I have if the BMW Black collection fits on a Sw motech, slc side carrier. When we look at the BMW promotion video for the side bags, we get a glimpse of the click ...
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Why I like being a Recluse

Many studies state that human beings need contact with other human beings. We need both intellectual, social, and sexual interactions with other human beings in order to blossom and grow. As a reclusive, I can say: I’m only human. Occasionally ...
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broken, gopro, warranty, return, policy

How to ship your GoPro by UPS, warranty procedure

My GoPro Hero5 Black got water inside the LCD screen in the front. It is a common problem with this camera and GoPro has no problems with the camera being returned within a reasonable time after purchase. Mine was bought ...
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6 years of social media exposure and how it changed me

It's been nearly 6 years that I am online, by choice, let me start by saying that. I had been online before I even started with and all the social media connected with it, but only as a blogger ...
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solo travel, benefits, why, solo, travel, good, tips

My 5 reasons why I like Solo Travel

There are many articles on the internet that tell you why it is good to travel solo, like 10 reasons, 16 reasons etc. For me none of those articles make any sense. For instant: it is cheaper? No way, hotel ...
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How safe is Cancun?

The most asked question for people traveling to foreign countries and especially Mexico is: is it safe? And I always hesitate to answer that kind of question. For it all depends. Safety is a feeling, based on several things and ...
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Travel Photos: Kuala Lumpur

I love to take photos of the cities I travel to. And usually, they are not general tourist photos. I like to capture moments, culture, people, and daily life. So you will find my photos maybe not so Kuala Lumpur, ...
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Lesson learned in world travel

What I learn while Traveling the World

It has been almost a year since I'm back on the road again. Traveling S.E.Asia. After traveling Europe and South America this was a continent I wanted to visit for a long time. And here I am, in my little ...
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ask a question about living abroad, countries, life changes

Q&A for groups and/or Individuals

I do occasionally sessions for Q&A through Zoom or if possible in real life.  I tell about my life, my ...
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Meet & Greet with JC from Holland, nomad and world citizen

Are you in La Paz, Baja California Sur, in Mexico and curious about me and my lifestyle? Let's meet! Individuals ...
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