Jeanette Slagt on leaving Holland

About JC from Holland?

Hello, nice to meet you here. My name is Jeanette Slagt also known as JC from Holland.

I live the life of a nomad, minimalistic and basic, happy with sand between my toes

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  • In 2015 I sold all I owned and left for the Philippines
  • In 2017 I started a long motorcycle trip through the Philippines
  • In 2019 I traveled through Italy before moving to Mexico where I currently stay

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About my nomadic life

Even before the term ‘Digital Nomad’ was invented or the internet existed, I already did this kind of non-stop traveling and working thing in South America. Although there wasn’t much digital about that trip since those were the days snail-mail ruled the world.

I left the Netherlands when I was 17 in 1978 and returned 2.5 years later. I traveled the UK, Azores, Caribbean, and Latin America, through the Panama Canal and way down South through the Magellan Straight, all the way up again to Brazil and Barbados.

After returning home, I visited lots of places in Europe and North Africa. But always with a home address to return to.

Now there is no home to return to. Home is where my feet rest and where the internet is at my fingertips.

I work online while traveling the world

I am a writer, and blogger ever since blogging became a “thing” I do my own SEO and Social Media Management. I run 2 websites and advise people that want to change their lives, move abroad or become a digital nomad.

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My Personal Writings


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Working from Home after the Coronavirus outbreak?

Around the world, many people who used to go to the office daily, have to work from home due to the COVID-19 Outbreak. This gives us an opportunity to look at flexible workspaces and creates possibilities for the future for ...
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Lockdown rethink

Lockdown the ultimate time to rethink your life

Lockdown probably in more than one ways, makes you want to escape. Suddenly you know how it feels to be caged, imprisoned and deprived of freedom. For the first time in your life, you have plenty of time to kill ...
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video about expat life during COVID19

A Digital Nomad in Playa del Carmen, Mexico during COVID-19

Mexico is still in phase 2 of the COVID-19 outbreak and struggling to stay out of phase 3. All kinds of measurements are implemented, from closed beaches to alcohol prohibition, and teams in the neighborhood to inform the public. How ...
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am I going back to the Netherlands?

Are you going back home due to Corona Virus?

While Mexico is working hard to prevent the pandemic from hitting the country, I struggle in my own little world with isolation, disappointing business results for weeks and questions from readers. And two questions keep reappearing. Wouldn't you be rather ...
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self quarantine in Mexico

Digital Nomad in Self-Quarantine in Mexico

I have put myself in self-quarantine more or less. I only leave the house for essentials. And that as little as possible. I love myself and I do not want to get sick. Also, I do not have health insurance ...
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Self quarantine Playa del Carmen Mexico

Self Quarantine in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

In Mexico, people are urged to stay at home, but we don't have to. We are not under lockdown (yet) I talk to you from my self-quarantine, illustrated with tons of snippets and fun videos from all over the world ...
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Expat life in days of COVID-19

Not all of us living abroad went home, most temporary expats returned home especially when studies or jobs ended due to the restrictions countries impose in order to prevent the virus from spreading. but there is a large group of ...
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Daily life in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19

Yesterday I wrote on my Dutch Website that life continues as normal here in Playa del Carmen. But then by the end of the day, the Mexican Government rolled out the rules, regulations, and information about COVID-19 phase 1 en ...
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Mexico covid-19 expat experience

Mexico the Corona Virus and I

Only this morning I read in the newspaper that there is a conformed COVID-19 person in Cancún. That is closeby. And I have no doubt there are more cases that are spreading the virus, With hundreds of planes from all ...
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Unhappy nomad life

The Unhappy Nomad

It starts to seep through the search results: The unhappy nomad. Digital nomads that find that 'the lifestyle' does not live up to their expectations. When I read a post and reply on Reddit, I learn that that unhappy nomad ...
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opening bank account Mexico

Opening a bank account on a Temporary Resident Visa in Mexico

Did you know that over 48 banks are operating in Mexico? And that 7 banks, BBVA Bancomer, CitiBanamex, Santander, Banorte, HSBC, Inbursa, and Scotia Bank, control over 70% of the market? And did you know that almost all major banks ...
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I blocked my family on Facebook and other Social Media

My family is causing me great anxiety although I have not seen or spoken to my family in so many years. Even long before I started traveling the world and living the life of a nomad I did not have ...
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Patient experience after cataract surgery in Mexico

Read my previous post on the post-operations preps, operation time, and prices in Clinica de Vision in Playa del Carmen After the Operation I went home in a taxi. I ride public transport in Mexico and I did not want ...
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4 Years as a Digital Nomad, looking back

Recent October first, I was on the road for 4 years so to speak. And it is kind of hard to remember how it felt, that day in autumn when I closed the door of my small townhouse behind me ...
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5 Months I am waiting for a temporary resident visa in Cancun

When the Mexican Embassy in The Hague Netherlands handed me over my passport with my brand new visa I felt so proud. Finally, I was going to travel through the country of Mexico. It gave my life that exciting buzz ...
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backpack, luggage, 2019, practice, perfection, best packing, gear you need, travel tips, clothes, what to bring

What’s in my Backpack in 2019?

In 2015 I wrote: People often ask me if I will ship my stuff overseas. Simple answer: no I will not ship my stuff. I will be living as a nomad: backpack and shoulder bag only. I’ve decided to buy ...
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ask a question about living abroad, countries, life changes

Q&A for groups and/or Individuals

I do occasionally sessions for Q&A through Zoom or if possible in real life.  I tell about my life, my ...
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Meet JC from Holland in La Paz, Mexico

Meeting with JC from Holland aka Jeanette Slagt in La Paz, Baja California Sur are private meetings with an experienced ...
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