Arnan de Gans

I am currently living in the Philippines and travel around the country…
JC from Holland, Jeanette Slagt, Lady Rider, Philippines, Writer,

Jeanette Slagt

Jeanette Slagt, aka JC from Holland, a Dutch 50+ life coach and nomad…

It is all about fun, about sun, about tropical destinations. It is about improving your life, about setting goals and meeting them. Floating Coconut is an inspirational website for people that want to live life to the fullest without having to work 24/7.

We like to share about how to achieve that kind of lifestyle. Arnan and Jeanette, make money through online based businesses have discovered the perfect balance between work and travel.

We do not believe in passive income as it is. For every income, you have to work, either in the past or at the present day. We are realists. We believe that life, work and even the world can be a better place if you put in the effort.