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Adam, Eve and their Apple, about dating during COVID-19

You probably know the biblical tale of Adam and Eve, and how she, made of his rib, so she knows she is close to his heard but he is the head and has the brains, made him eat a forbidden apple? And they both were kicked out of paradise when god found out? I had my own apple dilemma a few days ago. And it was Adam who presented it to me.

Meet Adam, the guy that makes me smile

Some of my loyal followers on Facebook have gotten the hint: after all the disillusion on Facebook dating here in Mexico, I finally seem to have found a person that sticks around for me and has no hidden agenda or a double not even so very well hidden agenda as most Mexican men seem to have.

Well, let’s stick close to the Adam and Eve story and call him Adam for now, that makes the symbolism easier to follow.

Adam appeared in my WhatsApp one morning:

Hola Bonita, I am so happy, happy

Eve: Porque, que paso?

Adam: I will be in Playa del Carmen in maybe an hour and a half and have a transfer there to my new job. Do you think it is wise to meet, I will be so close…….

And there it was:  The Apple.
All shiny and colourful, right in front of my nose.
To bite or not to bite?

Meet the circumstances

We have a “Stay home”-urgent advice kind of lockdown here in Playa del Carmen, although I must say that the longer it lasts, more and more people appear in the streets. Either under the false pretence of safety wearing a facemask, or just ignoring all advice thinking they are untouchable in their obesity and just go out, meet friends, and hang out.

But I do not want to be that person.

So Eve looks at the apple, God it looks tempting!!

Adam and Eve discuss its shape, its colour, the recipes with apples. They gave it a lot of thought, weighing to options and risks.

Adam: I let you know Bonita before we leave.

And Eve is like: what to wear? How to get there? O my god my hair??
Do I really want to do this?

dating when social distancing

Meet the need

Every virtual relationship that starts on a dating site reaches a point sooner or later that a meeting is necessary. We all know it is not advisory to postpone a meeting and we girls know that when a guy is not eager to meet you, it has no future.
He and I knew we reached that point. Otherwise, the image in our heads would start leading its own life and we could be hugely disappointed when we did get to meet in 40+ days, if ever.

There is a point in a beginning relationship that you need to face each other, be able to see that person not on screen but in real life, in order to keep it real. I know I need that, but I could sense he needed that also. Are you going to invest more int his person, or call it quits? That kind of meeting, is the online vibe also alive in broad daylight, face to face.

I remember a date once with a man I had this exceptional click with through texting and phone calls. But when we met, oh boy was he a disappointment, he ordered a beer at 9.30 in the morning telling me he drank only beer, and why did he never tell me about this pigeon hobby he had? There was definitely no click when he sat across the table from me ranting on about pigeons.

But is it worth taking the risk? After all, we are on some kind of lockdown and there is contamination risk and God knows what else, and above all, there is my conscious.

JC from Holland, Sinulog

Meet my conscious

If I were Eve in the Garden of Eden, I would have never eaten that apple, simply because it was forbidden. And I am always, always, in all my 59 years been the best-behaved citizen on earth.
I never received a penalty or a fine.

So what to do? Colour outside the lines a bit more? My life is one outside the lines colouring-book.
Bend some rules? Or just pass and wait for 40+ more days with all risks of a huge disappointment later this year.
And with him being 24/7 stay and work in his new job, even if our lockdown gets lifted or eased, I could not meet him until he was allowed to leave there.

Adam: Sorry, so sad

Eve: The Fifth Avenue bus station

Adam: Si *sad face*

Eve: maybe it is for the best sweetie, I mean it would be awkward, the face-masks the Sana Distancia……but it was a happy 5 minutes. *smiley face*

He had to leave for the bus. He is disappointed and so am I.

But an internal dialogue starts!

The bus station called Alterna is close to my bank, I am allowed to go to the bank, so I can bend the rules. If we keep a distance, then maybe we could have seen each other, but Fifth is all the way across town………
But what if? There is a bank near ADO, the CI Banco, and my Dutch ATM works perfect in the ATM of CI Banco,
and I need to pay the rent.

Meet Eve during COVID-19

The apple still hanging in front of her looks so tempting.

And so she decides to take a bite.
Ans she becomes the mother of all evil in her head for breaking rules.

Eve: I am trying to make it, how much time before you arrive?

Adam: Are you sure *happy face*

Eve: I keep you posted

Adam: Happy again

And Eve dashes out the door.
To the street corner, since traffic is diverted because of all the roadblocks.

Meet the Soldiers

The soldiers ask me where I am going, they are friendly, I tell them I need to go to my bank in Avenida Benito Juarez, the Bus exit of ADO is in that street, I figured saying 5th, is not too wise. Besides if I go to BBVA on Benito Juarez that saves me 150 pesos for a taxi, everything under 30th the taxi ask tourist prices.
BBVA is corner 30 and Benito Juarez, from there is it two blocks.

Still, no lie has passed my lips, only the facts don’t measure up. Half a truth, and it makes me an equal sinner to Eve in my bible belt mind for taking that first bite.

The soldiers hold a taxi for me.

And after that, it goes smooth and the apple is sweet, a bit weird but sweet.

Meet Adam and Eve

We keep distance, we wear masks, we do not touch, we sanitize hands after the fist bump. What a date. Insane.

Adam is surprised by all the police presence, in his city it is much more relaxed he tells me, but his city is much sicker than mine. From behind the yellow ribbon we stare at the sea, that is before I drown in his eyes.

Our time together lasts half an hour more or less, but it was the best half an hour in my time in Mexico, and it helps me through the next 40+ days of my lockdown. The memory of his eyes when he saw me and the picture I took from the immense blue sea behind the statue that makes Playa del Carmen so famous.

After her bite of the apple Eve waves Adam goodbye as he leaves for his new assigned job. Adam is one of the lucky few that still has a job. He is not complaining, neither is Eve.

She walks home, at peace, she met Adam and saw Adam and it was good.
And there is an evening and there will be a new morning, the first date.

Jeanette, a Dutch female nomad, started to travel the world at the age of 17. Walker of beaches, shell searcher and iPhone photographer. Writer and owner of two websites Currently, she lives in Mexico. She is an emigration coach and works online.

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