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Applying for a 6 months visa at Iloilo District Immigration Office

Time for a new visa. so I head to the Bureau of Immigration at Iloilo. You will find the Immigration office on the ground floor of the Customs Building.
The Customs building is a landmark in Iloilo City.

When entering the main entrance, go a few steps up through an iron gate in, to the circle shape center of the building and turn left. The Bureau of Immigration is the first office on the left.

The security guard will help you with the forms and check your passport if you are due for renewal and help you with all the forms and xerox copies.

Once all the forms are checked you are invited to step in the office’s waiting area. I was there on Tuesday around noon and it was not busy at all, so the lady at the desk called my name, asked me why I was in the Philippines for such a long time and handed my passport and forms over to the other desk.
There the officer checked if I was not on any hold-list or blacklist, and they do the maths.

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This is what a 6 months visa renewal costs:

  • Sticker fee 100 pesos (1.90 euro)
  • Certificate of residence for temporary visitors 1,400 pesos (26.72 euro)
  • Monthly extension application fee 900 pesos (17.18 euro)
  • Monthly extension fee 3,000 pesos (57.27 euro)
  • Certificate fee 500 pesos (9.54 euro)
  • Legal research fee 50 pesos (0.95 euro)
    • total 5,950 pesos (113.58 euro) * prices March 18 2016

BOI Iloilo

You can apply for a 6 months visa after your second visa renewal. That means:

  • 30 days on arrival
  • visa renewal for 29 days
  • applying for an ACR i-card
  • visa renewal for 6 months

Applying for a 6 months visa will save you a lot of fees.
You only pay all the administration fees once and an additional 500 pesos for each month.

Not any office of the BOI will hand out 6 months renewals, to make sure you are applying for a 6 months renewal at the right office check the website of the BOI, they have a list of offices and the administration runs from that office.

A bit of calculation may learn that it might be cheaper to travel to a nearby district office that handles 6 months visa renewals.

UPDATE 2019: The Iloilo office has transferred from the customs building to MegaWorld on the other side of town.