ask a question about living abroad, countries, life changes

Q&A for groups and/or Individuals

I do occasionally sessions for Q&A through Zoom or if possible in real life.  I tell about my life, my life story, my work and travels, and motorcycle trips.

  • To inspire people to think outside the box 
  • To share that sometimes the impossible is possible and that you can achieve more than you think you are capable of 
  • And people can ask me questions

On an individual basis, I talk to people that want to move abroad and have lots of questions about that, or people that want to know how it is to live in the Philippines or Mexico. Or about the digital nomad lifestyle.

These sessions are great for individuals, and/or groups of young people, students, starters, and people that want to see more of the world or want to know more about digital nomad life.

You can drop me an invitation through my email “info at leavingholland dot com” (you have to make a proper email address to get that working) and I will contact you as soon as possible.

These sessions are not free, depending on your organization and group size we will set a price if your group pays to attend you pay me to participate. 

My hourly rate is 35 euros this does not include expenses if travel is necessary. Feel free to reach out at the given email address.

The rest of my services and Ebooks you can find on my Dutch Website (visit: Leaving Holland Shop