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Bus trip from Sipalay to Dumaguete

Time to move on. Time to renew my visa. So I’m on my way to Dumaguete.
Jamont Hotel (former Sipalay Suites), the hotel where I’m staying in Sipalay, is opposite the Ceres Bus station. So I can walk to my bus.
I have a choice: take the 4.15 AM Air Con bus to Dumaguete or travel with liners all my way around the south point of Negros Occidental and Oriental. I choose the liner option. Although I once wrote that a liner can be a big mistake because your journey drags on and on with every stop that bus makes, and they do stop a lot!
I do not want to drive through the darkness, I want to see the coastal area I’m traveling through. So Liners it is.

My route: Sipalay – Hinoba-An – Bayawan – Dumaguete

Ceres Bus to Dumaguete

Sipalay to Hinoba-An

Bus: Liner
Price: 36 pesos (a lot cheaper than the air con which is 58 pesos)
Departure: 10 o’clock am
Travel Time: 1 hour

The bus to Dumaguete is waiting, departing almost immediately after I got on.

Hinoba-An to Dumaguete via Bayawan, where I have to buy the ticket for the rest of the journey. I do not have to transfer to another bus.

Bus: Liner
Price: 81 pesos to Bayawan, 100 pesos from Bayawan to Dumaguete
Departure 11.00 am
Arriving in Bayawan: 12.20 pm
Stops: one of apr. 10 minutes in Bayawan, toilets for the ladies there are very, very primitive and during my visit not very clean either.
The bus terminal is on a street with lots of shops. So if you move fast you can buy yourself a drink and some food.
Departure Bayawan 12.35 pm
Arriving in Dumaguete at 15.15 pm

Bus to dumaguete from Sipalay

Total time and money spent:

Travel time: 5 hours and 15 minutes
Money spent: 217 pesos (4.34 euro)

The roads are good, asphalt and concrete and the views are spectacular. Sometimes you pass by the edge of the island with nothing but ocean on one side, at other moments giant trees hide the sun and give a forest feel to your travel.

Although I said I would never take liners again if I had to travel for so long, I have to take back those words. Today was a lovely ride. Good bus driver, good roads and good speed also.

The positive thing about Liners is you can open the windows and let the wind in, hang out to take pictures. I guess traveling in liners when it rains and you have to shut the window is a different story. It still is a bit weird they stop ever so often sometimes even after 20 meters to let people in and out. It is really a door-to-door delivery when traveling with Ceres.

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