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Can Digital Nomads travel during COVID

Some say the Digital Nomad tribe is threatened with extinction. But I doubt that is true. We always had lots of requirements to check for before we travelled to another country, and that is still the same, only now there is more to research. 

The building I am living in during the time I write this article is packed with Digital Nomads from all over the world. Mexico has little to no travel restrictions for incoming visitors and with the State of Quintana Roo being almost totally back to normal it is a haven for nomads to spent some time.

Travel advice from your home country is only that what it is: Advice. You have to take into account a few things:

  • When you use travel insurance, make sure you still have coverage
  • Are you able to travel home the moment you want to or need to
  • Is there adequate health care in your guest country in case you get sick?

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Travel for nomad has never been simple, they always had to do some research before they set off

Although Digital nomads claim a life of freedom and liberty, there are always rules to abide by when one crosses a border. And Nomads like any other traveller have to research those rules in order to know if they are eligible to visit their prospect destination.

  • Visa rules
  • Outbound requirements
  • health requirements
  • financial requirements
  • work permits or tax regulations

And now there are the COVID requirements, which technically go under health requirements. But because they are so new and sometimes so stringent, most countries mention them separate on the requirements pages of their embassies and immigration departments.

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The rules that apply the most are inbound rules

To exit a country there will not be many rules. Airlines may require a health check, but when you travel over land or sea, you might be surprised how easy you can leave. It is at the other border you need to meet certain requirements to enter. If you are allowed to enter at all.

So the wisest thing to do is to check the local news, the local government websites and the website of the WHO or your countries embassies to see what you need.

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Don’t trust “hearsay”, trust only official channels

So many stories go around, do not listen to them, check facts, follow official advice only.

Make sure you know what you are up to before you book a flight. make sure you know that you can apply for a visa sometimes a visa requires a hotel booking, are hotels open int he country you are planning to visit?

And how is public transport? Are shops open and restaurants? Does your hotel offer full service?

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You have a lot more research to do before you can depart

  • Make sure you have all information you need, not only for the country you want to visit but also for the region. In Mexico for example every state has a different status, according to what they call here “The Semaforo” the brighter the colour the more normal you will discover daily life.
  • Make sure you know what requirements and rule are for the “New Normal” and make sure you obey them the moment you approach the border. In some countries, you can get arrested for not following the rules of the New Normal
  • Be aware of daily stats and what is happening, maybe your country goes in lockdown, that counts for you as well, be prepared for that.
  • How about the vaccinations? did you get one already or do you want one? Can you get a vaccination while you stay in your guest country? Do the vaccination rules apply also for you as a foreigner or temporary visitor?
  • And when you want to go home, how about that, are you able to, any time you want to under all circumstances?

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Resourcefulness is the biggest skill of a digital nomad

Members of the Nomad Tribe always seem to find a way. Covid has not shut us down. It may have limited us, but we still travel, and our resourcefulness helps us overcome obstacles other people find difficult to overcome. We are willing to take risks because we see the world through different eyes. That does not make us reckless, but I guess we are more realists than any other person on earth.

Because of our experience, because of our chosen lifestyle.