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Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum weather per month

What is the best time to visit Quintana Roo’s popular holiday destinations, I get those questions a lot in the email. But it is hard to answer, for what I experience as hot might be pretty cool for you or vice versa. So here is the average weather per months for the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

January: January is warm, sunny, and dry, with daily temperatures between 28°C during daytime and a lot cooler 20°-16ºC at night.
The Riviera Maya is surrounded by tropical jungle so it is always humid. January is the best month when it comes to that all wet skin experience when walking around. January is the best month to go out and explore. Visit the botanical gardens in Puerto Morellos, or go to downtown Cancun. Light brief rain showers will accompany you during the day, But the sun will always break through afterwards.

The Caribbean Sea temperatures are cooler than other times of the year. The seawater visibility is excellent for snorkelling or diving.

(Average Max Temperature: 28°C, Average Rainfall: 46mm, Days with Rain: 7, Ocean Temperature: 27°C.)

February: February gives us just a degree or so warmer than January and a little less rain,
It is more humid than January and beach condition is just good,

Water temperature in sea is comfortable, fresh, with good visibility for snorkelling and diving.

(Average Max Temperature: 28°C, Average Rainfall: 44mm, Days with Rain: 5, Ocean Temperature: 26°C.)

March: March can be an amazing month in places like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It is the second driest month of the year and day temperatures will be climbing up to 29ºC, nights are slightly cooler. On average one or two heavy rain showers a week, mostly in the early morning or late afternoon.
Humidity is high after those showers. March makes a great month for outdoor activities like hiking, visiting Archeological sites and such because of the intense blue skies reflecting in the turquoise of the Caribbean sea.

Sea temperature and visibility are the same as the previous months.

(Average Max Temperature: 29°C, Average Rainfall: 37mm, Days with Rain: 4, Ocean Temperature: 26°C.)

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April: There is only a little rain in April. Maybe a few shorts and light showers for the whole month. In the afternoon temperatures rise, especially in the city when all the concrete houses and pavement is heated up. The nights are warm.
Despite the dryness of this month humidity is high. If you go exploring or plan a day out in the hinterland the morning is the best time of day.
April offers excellent beach weather and the water temperatures are rising, making the seawater feel like soft silk instead of a cold encounter.

(Average Max Temperature: 31°C, Average Rainfall: 31mm, Days with Rain: 3, Ocean Temperature: 27°C.)

The Weather in May: May is the third driest month of the year, with a chance for brief thunderstorms as the month progresses. You will experience more clouds in the month of May and humidity is very high. very hot afternoons, like in April.
A gentle breeze on the beaches makes life a lot more comfortable.
Ocean temperatures are rising. Whale Shark season is about to begin. Visibility for snorkelling and diving is good.

(Average Max Temperature: 32°C, Average Rainfall: 52 mm, Days with Rain: 5, Ocean Temperature: 28°C.)

June: In June the rain seasons starts, and you can expect the hurricane season to be announced any day now by the Mexican Weather Service. June brings lots of rain and clouds. And most afternoons will know brief heavy thunderstorms.
The rising temperatures will not be noticed as much on the beaches, but do not expect a refreshing dive in the sea, for the water temperature is high.

(Average Max Temperature: 32°C, Average Rainfall: 115mm, Days with Rain: 8, Ocean Temperature: 28°C.)

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July: In the midst of July you can expect the hottest weeks of the year they last until half of August. In June there is still heavy short rain, but the sky will clear after that and the sun is brutal. Make sure you keep your fluids up if you are in the Riviera Maya and especially when you go on a day trip. Dehydration is your biggest spoiler. Prepare for a lot of wet clothes due to extremely high humidity.

(Average Max Temperature: 32°C, Average Rainfall: 103 mm, Days with Rain: 5, Ocean Temperature: 28°C.)

August: The first two weeks of August are the hottest ever. temperatures easily rise up till 40ºC. But as the month continues the temperature will drop a little. With that comes the rain. Lots of it. Prepare for flooded streets. Seawater visibility is good, do monitor the sargasso, these are the months the seaweed season is at its peak. August makes a great month to take a bus trip to another city, for example, Chetumal

(Average Max Temperature: 33°C, Average Rainfall: 136mm, Days with Rain: 6, Ocean Temperature: 29°C.)

September: The rainiest month of the year. Most days are clouded, and temperatures drop. It rains for the better part of the month in September. Expect showers to last 2-3 hours. It is still hurricane season, and most of Quintana Roo gets the tailspin of the hurricanes passing by on their way to Florida.
Water temperatures are slightly warmer compared with August. September is a good month for indoor activities like the Mayan Museum in Cancun

(Average Max Temperature: 32°C, Average Rainfall: 185mm, Days with Rain: 10, Ocean Temperature: 29°C.)

October: In October rain spreads to more days, but fewer hours per day. The month will mostly be cloudy, humid and rainy. But the rain season is clearing up and as the month continues you will see more blue sky. Temperature becomes more comfortable.
The Ocean temperatures are slightly lower than in previous months.
Hurricane season is about to end. As is the Sargasso season.

(Average Max Temperature: 31°C, Average Rainfall: 157mm, Days with Rain: 11, Ocean Temperature: 28°C.)

November: Temperatures are dropping, the sky becomes clearer, and there is less frequent rain. Winter is coming and with that more comfortable temperatures. Anything you want to do outdoors will be a great experience this month. Just a perfect month to spent in the Riviera Maya.

(Average Max Temperature: 29°C, Average Rainfall: 95mm, Days with Rain: 8, Ocean Temperature: 28°C.)

December: Was November an excellent month to spent in Quintana Roo’s most popular beach destinations, December is even better. But it will be more crowded.
Days are nicely warm, and nights are cool. Clear and sunny skies, maybe a shower at night or int he late afternoon that will only last a few minutes to half an hour. The whole coastal area will have an amazing famous turquoise colour.
The dry season starts half of December and lasts until March.

(Average Max Temperature: 28°C, Average Rainfall: 70mm, Days with Rain: 7, Ocean Temperature: 27°C.)

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