Creating your Dream Life in 3 Steps

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Working towards your dream life could be called called lifestyle design.
Using lifestyle design to work towards your dream life works like magic. Taking one step at a time is more successful than rushing to the end goal.

There are many people that wonder what life is all about, and how to get more out of life than they experience at the moment.
Many people want to make a difference in the world, others just want to create a new life. Most of those wishes are born out of satisfaction with the current situation.

You can read all the books in the world or go to ever so many workshops, but the answer to the question what you want with your life is hidden inside you. You need to dig it up and do a lot of soul searching to find the answer to the question what you really, really want.

How is it possible to create a dream life, a lifestyle that you love and that empowers you and energizes you every day?

It is easier to reach than you think. And it only takes 3 steps to work towards it

A better life in 3 steps

1. Do not focus on your work or income to define your dream life

A job or income is important. After all bills need to be paid. But they are the means to reach your dream life. For most people they are not the dream life they seek. So for the moment lets not focus on your job or how much you earn, but focus instead on what your dream life looks like.

Imagine you have unlimited funds, how would your dream life look like? Maybe write it down, or make a mood board using old magazines and quotes to get a clear picture.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Where would I live?
  • How would I live?
  • What would I like to do during the day? (this includes the time you get up and go to bed)
  • What skills do I have that can be useful? (maybe you have a hobby or skills you want to develop more)
  • What makes me smile?
  • When was the last time I was extremely happy and what brought that on?
  • What is my favorite color?
  • Do I like sun or snow?
  • I could never live happily without ________ (Fill in the blanc space)
  • What i want less in my life is ________ (fill in the blanc space)

2. Now design your dream life

Once you get to know yourself a little better the next step is to write a step by step plan. We’re going to approach it like a project.
Where are you now, and where are you heading and what do you need to get there.

For example:
If your dream is to work less, you need to diminish your lifestyle so that your new salary matches your new lifestyle.

Working less does not mean quit your job right away, first start a new way of managing your finances. If you know what is coming in monthly and going out you can look for ways to save. And once you know what you need and need not, you can cut back in working hours.

For example, most freelancers work out their hourly rate the wrong way. They start by how much money they want to earn. Or they let fear drive them to set a lower rate than they feel they expect. That gives a feeling of dissatisfaction in the long run I guarantee you.

If you have clear how much money you need, you an establish a good hourly rate.
If you have clear how much you money you need to live a good life, you can cut back in working hours.

3. work in a slow pace towards your new life

Recreating your life and reaching the end goal may take many years. But during the proces you will get fulfillment already. When I decided it wanted a life change, it took me over 5 years to reach the Philippines and another 2 years to finally get on that motorbike and roam around.

In fact: when I was ready to make changes I could have never dreamed I would end up living the life I live now. It kind of evolved, and grew on me. Every step of the way I evaluated my progress and searched my soul if I was still on the right path. And sometimes I needed to re-adjust a little, because wisdom comes with age, so they say, and 5 years from now living in a different country I could not fully design a new life, because I had no idea how living in South East Asia would be like.

Creating a new lifestyle needs also flexibility. But you keep the end goal in mind. If the end goal is the pursue of happiness, than you pursue that. If the end goals is a nicer house, you work for that, if your end goals is to be more challenged every day, find your challenges and of your end goal is to live more healthy, start right away.

Most lifestyle designs are more complex than just a nice house or a healthier life

Sometimes changing your life is like a small chain of changes happening before you reach the end goal. For example: I can be extremely unhappy and low on energy when I live in a wrong house. But I cannot tell you exactly how my dream house looks like, well sort of, it needs to be a little remote, not too remote, stuff like that.
On the mood board I once made I pictured my dream house with a long driveway. Guess what? The house I live now has a ling drive way.

What I am trying to say is that when you pay attention to your hearts desires and visualize them either on paper or in a mood board, your subconscious will catch up with it later on in the process. I was looking for freedom. And when I said that, I thought: Less rules, red tape and stuff. I found freedom riding a motorbike.

When redesigning you live you know that every day when you wake up you contribute to that better future you have in mind for yourself.

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