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A new life a new love. I have seen many foreign men and women in Europe, the Philippines, and Mexico in search of true love.  I have spoken to many who succeeded in finding love, and I have spoken many who were left alone, broken-hearted and even robbed of their money and homes. I have had so-called  “cross-cultural relationships” and even a long-distance relationship,  myself.

There are different categories, for those that look for specific international dating advice: 

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All the articles are written from experience, talks with others and from the knowledge from my education and work as a coach.

Remember: Dating is just a meeting between two people!



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I feel repulsed thinking about my ex

It never happened to me before and I did have my kind of share in dating and short relationships. But now, the last one that I ended, I feel repulsed every time I think of my ex or see his ...
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5 signs a person is over you after breakup that are universal

When you are dating in a different culture you have to face the cultural differences between you and your date or loved one. And when the relationship continues this does not become more easy, just more known. You get more ...
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closure talks

Why closure talks are not for strong people

We all are familiar with the term "Closure talk", without that there is no closure and we struggle, something like that. And the internet makes us believe that they are healing and necessary and that healing from a breakup without ...
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Mexican dating, ex boyfriend, getting back together

My ex is pursuing me to get me back

I think I am in a position many women that are heartbroken dream about. I have my ex pursuing me to get me back. So many websites are dedicated to this subject and women follow a hopeless cause of getting ...
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My Boyfriend called me a snob

I checked and double-checked the word he used, and he confirmed the synonyms. That was what he meant when he used the word. And I was in shock. For me being called a snob is like an insult. In my ...
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relationships double standards, he can do what he want

Does your relationship have double standards?

Are you wondering if your relationship has double standards? Do you feel like you are treated unfairly by your partner? Do you feel like you cannot do what you want while your partner seems to do anything they want? If ...
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language barrier, foreign language, relationships

I date someone who doesn’t speak my language

Dating across language barriers is a challenge. Dating across language barriers and also long-distance is even worse. When you are in love you want to share and spent time with someone. Still, it is do-able and possible to be happy ...
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dating, relationships

Dating-stories from around the world

In the past five years of my travels I have been dating on and off, depending on my mood, my need for company and, to be honest, my sex drive. It has been funny, sweet, hilarious, and frustrating. Because of ...
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Nomad lifestyle and love relationships

The subtitle of this article is "Rethinking relationships" I am 59, a nomad, always standing out in a crowd in the countries I date, yet I cannot find what I am looking for. How is that possible? Well, because I ...
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How to hurt a narcissist’s ego?

First a few explanations about this article. I do not usually write about dating a person with a personality disorder because it is my strong belief that we sometimes are too eager to judge a person or diagnose them from ...
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