Dating and Relationships in a different culture

A new life a new love. I have seen many foreign men and women in Europe, the Philippines, and Mexico in search of true love.  I have spoken to many who succeeded in finding love, and I have spoken many who were left alone, broken-hearted and even robbed of their money and homes. I have had so-called  “cross-cultural relationships” and even a long-distance relationship,  myself.

There are different categories, for those that look for specific international dating advice: 

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All the articles are written from experience, talks with others and from the knowledge from my education and work as a coach.

Remember: Dating is just a meeting between two people!



The Latest Articles

be willing to let him go

If you love yourself, you should be ready to let him go.

Empowerment for women in love. There is a balance that is easily lost in the eagerness to please a man in order to keep him and our self-confidence in which we can find a willingness to let him go if ...
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My first hand tips on dating Mexican Men

With Facebook Dating being rolled out over Mexico lately, the dating scene has a whole new platform to enjoy getting to know Mexican men. But like Tinder, it is kind of superficial. Most Mexicans don't even have a photo of ...
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Dating in Mexico, you do need WhatsApp

Mexican people spent so much time on WhatsApp, it is their prime communication app over Messenger and SMS. I was not so much into WhatsApp. Actually, I dislike it. I prefer messenger, but under the pressure of the county’s habits, ...
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Facebook Dating in Mexico, my experience

Facebook has been rolling out Facebook Dating slowly over the world. And living in Mexico I found it recently added to my app. And since I am single I thought I'd give it a try. I will review the App ...
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How to avoid being scammed in a relationship

How to protect yourself from being scammed in a relationship? Read the full article by starting here! CLICK! Set your own rules and borders and do not cross them, for anyone. When dating in a foreign culture you must be ...
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How to avoid being scammed when Dating Online

Many men using dating sites complain about being scammed, and we all know a story of someone being talked out of his money by a foreign love he has never met before. But women are also targeted on the internet ...
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The shifting interest of Filipinas dating Foreigners

Many, many foreigners come to the Philippines to find love and a life partner. But something is shifting. When you read the message boards the stories of finding true love are slowly vanishing in complaints about divorce, adultery, and breakups ...
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Getting back with your ex, 5 emotional stages

Every relationship is difficult and full of uncertainties. Most of the time those are tempered by feelings of happiness and butterflies. Getting back with your ex comes with a history of failure, break up and tons of emotions coming from ...
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Being Scammed in a Relationship in the Philippines

Although not many Filipino men are on online dating sites a few are. And they learn quickly from the Filipina’s who swarm the dating site looking for a foreigner to love and hold. But there is a huge business going ...
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What does ‘dating exclusive’ in the Philippines mean?

In my opinion, Filipino relationships move forward very fast. Where in the Western culture you date someone to get to know them, in the Philippines dating is done with the end goal in mind: to walk down the aisle in ...
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