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A new life a new love. I have seen many foreign men and women in Europe, the Philippines, and Mexico in search of true love.  I have spoken to many who succeeded in finding love, and I have spoken many who were left alone, broken-hearted and even robbed of their money and homes. I have had so-called  “cross-cultural relationships” and even a long-distance relationship,  myself.

There are different categories, for those that look for specific international dating advice: 

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All the articles are written from experience, talks with others and from the knowledge from my education and work as a coach.

Remember: Dating is just a meeting between two people!



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double standards in a relationship

My relationship is not happy

After every break up there is this moment of self-reflection, trying to find my learning curve on the past relationship and where it went wrong. But also on what I need in a relationship. Over the years I have come ...
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double standards in a relationship

I can’t stop thinking about my ex

For some people, it is hard to let go of an ex. Sometimes that is a cultural thing, sometimes it is pure emotions. The reason given when asked why they keep holding on to their ex is because they simply ...
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pulling away, relationship, Filipino, problems, love, girlfriend, boyfriend, distance, tips

My boyfriend is pulling away, what to do?

It happens all over the world, men sometimes withdraw from the woman they feel close to. And we women panic when that happens, deep down in our gut we know something is wrong and we want to fix it. That ...
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relationship, Filipino, Filipina, Philippines, love, romance, dating, couples, friendship, sex, tips, kissing, break up, making out,

Dating a foreigner, the family pressure on your Filipino lover

Controversial article I promise you! I am going to explain the possible effects of dating a foreigner on your Filipino girlfriend or boyfriend. So, as a western woman, I try to explain how it is for your Filipino and what ...
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digital nomad life

Stay friends with your Ex, yes or no

In all love matters personal emotions are involved and 2 people. Answering love questions is tricky. Because the way I handle things might differ from the way you handle things. Many people advice on YouTube and websites and love matters ...
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intimacy, Filipinos, realtionships

Do Filipinos know the word intimacy?

in·ti·ma·cy ˈin(t)əməsē’ noun - close familiarity or friendship; closeness. "The intimacy between a husband and wife" synonyms: closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, familiarity, friendliness, friendship, amity, affection, warmth, confidence; informal chumminess "the sisters reestablished their old intimacy" - a private ...
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no contact, breakup, relationships, Filipinos, Filipina

Why I follow the ‘no contact’-rule after breaking up

Breakups never come easy. Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, both hurt. And although the no contact rule is there for different reasons, I use it for my own specific reason. What is the 'No Contact'- Rule? Everywhere ...
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love or stockholm syndrome

Ex Girlfriends in the Philippines

As a guest in the Republic of the Philippines and talking to a lot of expats on different subjects, one topic always seems to pop-up: exes. In this article, I mesmerize the phenomenon that most of them do not seem ...
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Filipino, men, character

Character of the Filipino man

After dating a few Filipino’s and comparing them to Western men I dare to say the Filipino man is quite a challenge. He is a confusing mix between dominance, narcissistic and hen-pecked, and I consider them being selfish and caring ...
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being a freelancers

When your Filipino ex says ‘I miss you’, what does he mean?

Filipino men can be emotional and passionate. They love to throw drama. Especially when you break up with them. And messages will continue long after the initial break up. 'Good morning', 'good evening' and even 'I miss you'. Now the ...
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