Dating and Relationships in a different culture

A new life a new love. I have seen many foreign men and women in Europe, the Philippines, and Mexico in search of true love.  I have spoken to many who succeeded in finding love, and I have spoken many who were left alone, broken-hearted and even robbed of their money and homes. I have had so-called  “cross-cultural relationships” and even a long-distance relationship,  myself.

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All the articles are written from experience, talks with others and from the knowledge from my education and work as a coach.

Remember: Dating is just a meeting between two people!



The Latest Articles

double standards in a relationship

When to let go in a relationship, or take some distance?

When is it time to step back from a relationship and take some distance? Or even say goodbye? How to define whether or not you should continue or let go? Do you need to solve relationship problems or accept that ...
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dating special need child parent

Dating a man with a special need child

When I lived in the Philippines I dated a man with a child with multiple disabilities. My now ex-boyfriend lost his wife just over a year ago when we met and was left behind with an 8-year-old girl.  A special-need ...
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Asian guy dating white women

Are white women attracted to Asian Guys

In Readers Ask Questions today a question from a Filipino living in Canada. He approached me through Facebook messenger: Hi JC! I was wondering if I could ask you some very random questions... I think you're the best to ask ...
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Filipino men, caucasian men, sex, alcohol,

How to keep a Filipino man happy? 5 Firsthand Tips

When you are in a cross-cultural relationship you might have the feeling you are grasping at straws when it comes to understanding your partner's needs. Some of those needs are culturally influenced, others are plain male needs, no problem with ...
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dating, filipino, western woman, relationship, filipina, love, sex, meeting

Filipino men and love

I was a little prejudice about Filipino men, courtship, and love. Starting off with a very bad example of how courtship in the Philippines happens I was reluctant to take another step. Lucky for me someone else took the step ...
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intimacy, Filipinos, realtionships

Sex with a Filipino man

The girls on my Facebook and on my YouTube Channel know I have been dating and I do get a lot of questions about my sex life. Now I do like to keep some parts of my life private. So ...
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seks and travel

Sex and Travel, how do I as a solo female traveler stay safe

Exotic men, strange places, incognito status, maybe even, starry nights and a full moon….all ingredients for a romantic night are there when you travel. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and right into your daredevil state of mind ...
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Pinoy ghosting

Is Your Pinoy Ghosting You?

The relationship or dating is going just fine. He text you every morning, every evening, makes plans with you to hang around, and all seems to be roses and peaches. You start to feel comfortable with him, and when he ...
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Dating A filipino Guy

Dating a Filipino, his ‘I love you’ is not your ‘I love you’

So here you are, the guy is pursuing you and you are giving in, you went on a few dates. You like him. You like him a lot. But it is also very confusing. I know how intense the pursuing ...
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dating in the Philippines

Love in the old days was so much easier

The era of 24/7-in touch that is where we live in right now. Every bit of knowledge and every possible contact moment is available whenever you want it. I remember my first world travel when I was 17 and going all ...
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