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Do you use an international dating app and do you wonder how to proceed with an international love prospect? Are you falling in love in a foreign country and without a clue about etiquette? Are you dating with an age gap? Do you struggle with cultural differences in your relationship? Talk to me and let me help you. 

My name is Jeanette Slagt and I am a trained counselor. And more important I have plenty of experience with dating in foreign countries. As a digital nomad life on the road can be lonely, so dating is kind of fun to pass time and get to know people. Sometimes people stay longer in my life, like my Filipino lover.

I dedicated this website to international dating, for most dating advice is written from an American perspective and overlooks the international perspective. 

If you are:

  • dating through international dating apps
  • dating in another country to get a long term relationship
  • a dating digital nomad  and date
  • dating with an age gap
  • dating with an economic gap
  • dating when you are older and not so skilled in dating
  • dating or have a relationship and struggle with cultural differences
  • facing relationship issues (even when you are not dating internationally)
  • recovering from a difficult breakup
  • in a long distant relationship

and have any questions about relationships and international dating you can contact me for a 1.5-hour chat through Whatsapp, iMessage, or Telegram Video Call.

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