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Den Bosch here we come!

Today my son and I are heading off to the beautiful city of Den Bosch. It will take a few hours by train to get there and we plan on indulging ourselves to the famous Bossche Bol. We also have a mission, we will be looking for some stuff like light summer jackets, preferably waterproof. Every now and then we buy something for the trip to keep the spirits high. It is a long wait till September. yesterday we talked about that, we are ready to go, well almost. But it feels like we are ready to go. Most of the things are wrapped up back here, and we are more and more anxious to explore new horizons. Den Bosch roadtrip

But we will have to patient, there is still the house and the paperwork involving the business we closed down. Although the bookkeeper is taking care of most of that, it is handy we are around if he has any questions. And a few bank matters need to be settled to.

Last week I mentioned in one of the many Facebook groups I’m participating: how important it is to prepare yourselves properly. Lots of people leave precipitously, encountering major (border)issues once they have left. Or they believe ’they will make it out there’ without a solid plan that covers income and starting capital. They leave with the ‘great holiday’ idea not realizing that holiday will not last long if you did not prepare it. Of course, we also look forward to sandy beaches, palm trees, and endless sunsets, but we also realize it takes a great deal of money to start our new lifestyle off.

In the meanwhile waiting for the departure date, we visit the Netherlands. Both of us not really fond of this country we did not realize how many people out there actually love the Netherlands for its tulips, mills, and clogs. Yes, we do see buses packed with tourists almost every day, but seeing that translated into visitors-numbers on your website is a whole other thing. Now Arnan is not much into promoting the Netherlands, but I will, it will be my last time and it will make a nice memory lane to walk by in the future when I get homesick (NOT!!).

st Johns Cathedral Den Bosch


Den Bosch today, or ’s Hertogenbosch as it is officially called, translated that means the dukes forest.  It is the capital of the state of Noord Brabant, well-known for Dutch carnival celebrations and a Burgundian lifestyle. The duke in question was Henry I, Duke of Brabant, I never heard of the guy I looked it up in Wikipedia, Check it out if you are curious about the city. I love Den Bosch because of the small rivers, the historical rampage, and the St Johns Cathedral but also for its museums like Jeroen Bosch. And although Den Bosch is great for a bike ride, we will walk.

So stop by in a few days or so to read all about our road trip to Den Bosch and watch the video.