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Dentist visit in the Philippines

My molar broke, a huge chip in the back came off and the sharp edges reminded me every jaw movement that I should go see a dentist. No pain, but I had a root canal ages ago on that same tooth. So no worries right?

I’m scared shit for the dentist, to put it mildly. I always feel I’m at the wrong end of the drill. So for me to go to a dentist is a nerve-wracking, exhausting experience.

I grew up under the Dutch School dentist regime, fat rude guys that hurt you while they were supposed to teach you and preserve your teeth. After that, I got braces before braces even existed and they ruined the lot. In South America, I once visited a dentist just to translate for a shipmate, and gosh, I had never seen so much blood, it was everywhere over her face. The guy in charge, supposed to be the professional, working from a green operating theatre, fractured half her jaw while I was reassuring her she was going to be ok and trying not to faint.

And in the Dutch healthcare system, everything money-wise is taken care of, so dentists just fill and pull whenever they like, not being very sensitive about it.

So my experiences with the dentist are no good

Hesitation is not the right word to use here when it came to making an appointment. So the sharp edges kept reminding me for days.

Being in a third world country didn’t help my confidence also. I got all these Western second thoughts like: how about hygiene? How about aftercare, how to communicate and how do I make sure they do the right thing.

Dumaguete Dentist are used to expats

I asked around, I mean: Dumaguete is full of expats and some do need dental care, right. So I got a few addresses. I added openly to my question that I needed a dentist that could handle fear. For he/she most likely had to talk me into the chair gently and be able to bear that I would bite his fingers off during treatment.

I got a few names.

And one day in Robinsons Mall I decided to have a look at the storefront of Dental Concepts. When I stepped inside for inquiries, the typical dental smell reminded me of so many scary visits and I blurted out to the girl behind the desk: I’m so scared but I have a chipped molar and I need a dentist. Maybe just pull it out.

She looked at me and said: Maybe you have a look first Ma’am. And she introduced me to the dentist, explaining about my fears.
The dentist asked if I was ok?
Yes, I was, I wasn’t in that chair, right.

But within an hour I stepped out of Dental Concerns with a new filling and a smile on my face. I was taken such good care of!

How gentle and service-minded this dentist was.

And how happy I am.

The totally painless procedure was done at a very slow pace, constantly asking me if I was ok, comfortable etc.
It was explained why he did not want to extract the molar, how much the price would be and what he was going to do.

And he suggested music, relaxation and here I was, feeling almost peachy and calm.

And for those wondering about hygiene, well I do not know about the ones having their practice at home, I heard stories. But here, at Dental Concerns everything was spotless, used equipment was taken aside to be sterilised and gloves and masks were in place.

The nice touch: the pillow behind my head to make me even more comfortable in that chair that always gives me a cold sweat.

Price 1200 pesos total (23 euro) for a 2 side, white filling.

Clinic for Dental Concerns
2nd floor Robinsons Mall

Opening hours Monday to Friday 10.00 AM – 07.00 PM

Appointment preferable but walk-in patients are welcome also.
They accept cash and all major credit cards.