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Devil’s Mountain, Mindoro Occidental

The pointed peaks of Devil’s mountain rise up in the scenery before us as we descend to the green rice-fields. We are staying in San José, but we would not miss a ride to this phenomenon for the world.
Getting closer to the mountains was a lot harder than we thought, especially because we wanted to get there on our bikes and not walking like most of the native Mangyan people do. Devil’s mountain is told the be their ancestral grounds. And that makes them even more mysterious to us than they already look.

When you look at Google Maps, you get the impression that it is an ancient volcano crater maybe. But nobody confirms that. The sharp-edged peaks can be green and covered with grass, but when we visit they are brown and stick even more out in the landscape.

The dusty roads take us through a stunning landscape. The scenery is almost like a scene from Lord of the Rings, the land of Mordor, and it is not difficult to see why there might be evil (devil) in that place. It looks stunning but grim. Majestic and mysterious. The peaks that are stunning from every side we try to approach, challenge us, even tho we do not carry any ring of some sort.

Follow our trail towards the devil’s realms, and watch the video.

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