self quarantine in Mexico
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Digital Nomad in Self-Quarantine in Mexico

I have put myself in self-quarantine more or less. I only leave the house for essentials. And that as little as possible. I love myself and I do not want to get sick. Also, I do not have health insurance yet, due to the endless bureaucracy in Mexico and my little savings do not allow hospitalization. So I have to take extra good care of myself at the moment.

A new playlist on YouTube

To make the best of my time in quarantine on 25m2 (which is roughly the size of the studio I rent in Playa del Carmen at the moment) I have decided to make some YouTube videos. The channel has been dormant for a while, this whole COVID-19 quarantine thing is a good time to remove the dust bunnies and give the Channel another go.

So I made a new playlist, dedicated to my time in isolation and will keep you updated on that is happening in Mexico, my experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak in Mexico and I will bring some fun to these gloomy days with videos I put together from past travels.

I hope you will join me there!