Dutch Sunset
The Netherlands

Dutch Sunset, my 5 most favorite

Don’t we all love them: Those beautiful pictures of the sun painting the sky in all red, orange, and like 50 shades of blue. I think every person in the world can fall still over beautiful sunset.

I’m looking forward to the tropical ones. They are short but vivid and abundant as I remember. Very different from the Dutch sunsets. They last long as the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon around 10 in the evening on a summer night.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a sunset closer to the Equator. But I must say over the years I have taken pictures of a wonderful Dutch sunset now.


The header of this blog is one of them and here are 4 more to finish my top 5 favorite Dutch sunsets:


Dutch Sunset
IJmuiden (NH), crossing with the Ferry over the North Holland Canal to Velsen, in the back TATA Steel Company
Dutch Sunset
Hanging out at Lands End, the most north restaurant on Dutch Mainland in Den Helder (NH) my golden sunset
Dutch sunset
A night at the Beach ended in this magnificent red sky before the sun disappeared under the horizon.
Dutch Sunset
Another night at the beach, near Zandvoort (NH) It was a cloudy day and the sky was in 50 shades of blue and gold

This is my last post about the Netherlands. Time to move on. Of course, if you have questions about the Netherlands feel free to contact me

When you read this post I’ll be leaving the Netherlands, maybe I will have a last breathtaking sunset from my plane window. Maybe I’m too nervous to enjoy it, or too anxious. But in a few days, I’ll be sharing tropical sunsets from my new destination.

See you soon!

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