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Famous Fast Food Restaurants in the Netherland

Looking for famous fast-food restaurants in the Netherlands you will find plenty.
Holland offers your old-time favorites when it comes to burgers, pizza and coffee, and even Wok to Walk.


You will find a Burger King Restaurant in almost every major city in the Netherlands. And they are very faithful to the worldwide menu. Different from McDonald’s, they offer, next to the regular burger menu, special Dutch food like ‘Kibbeling’ (fish bites) and the McKroket: a croquette burger (ragout in breadcrumb and deep-fried) with a mustard dressing.
McDonald’s restaurants are all over the Netherlands.

Chicken, Sandwiches, and Coffee

Kentucky Fried chicken is available in the larger cities. And so is Subways. Subways are expanding in the Netherlands. Just like Starbucks, this favorite coffee shop of mine with its awesome muffins can be found in almost every larger railway station and city center. And they offer free wi-fi so they make a great place to work.


New York Pizza is well-known in the Netherlands, they offer take out and eat in and you can order from almost anywhere to have pizza delivered. I once had a pizza delivered to my hotel room. Dominos Pizza is also available in the Netherlands and like McDonald’s, they offer local specialties like pizza with sauerkraut and smoked sausage or asparagus and ham during asparagus season.

Asian food

Fans of Asian food that like to eat from a box, will find Wok to Walk restaurants in Amsterdam only. But no fear! There are plenty of good Asian (wok to walk like) food restaurants in the Netherlands that cook more or less authentic. But do not rush to the nearest Chinese characters you see, since Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands may surprise you with very un-Asian-like food styles, their kitchen is adjusted to the Dutch taste way too much.
Amsterdam offers a few Maoz stores for those who love falafel or the vegetarians among us. I always stop there for a quick meal when visiting Amsterdam, and I love the endless salad bar.
fast food restaurants netherlands

Dutch Fast Food Traditions

You can buy food on every street corner in the Netherlands, we are the land of plenty. And isn’t it fun to mingle with the Dutch and get to know their fast food habits while visiting? Try ‘snack bar’-food. Fries, croquettes, ‘frikandel’ and cheese souflé. Try Sausage from HEMA  department store, with lots of mustard or without for a pure taste of a good Dutch tradition. Eat our pancakes in traditional pancake restaurants (not the waffle and pancake shops piled up with Nutella jars, they are not Dutch at all!) or have a herring at a fish shop, do take onions on the side.

Dutch people love to snack. And you will not have a problem finding fast food in the Netherlands.

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