FAQ about Floating Coconut Website

Floating Coconut Website (formerly knows as Leaving Holland Website) attracts thousands of visitors each month. And every day there are people with questions in the mail or comments, through Facebook or other media. I have captured most of these questions here on this page as a referrer, for both you and for me, to send people to. So I do not have to answer the same questions over and over again.

1. Why are there donate buttons on the website?

Donate buttons on the website were mainly to cover general costs. I put them there since I spend a lot of time writing the articles and keeping them up to date. I do research, contact organizations, and check links to websites on a regular basis to keep the information accurate.

2. Why are there affiliate links on the website?

Affiliate links are placed on the website to earn a few extra dollars or euros. I carefully choose my affiliate links, using only products I use myself.

They sometimes offer you a discount or a free product.

This is one way of monetizing a website. I use it with care and try not to overdo affiliate links. Some links help to pay for website fees, some give me a discount on my bookings when I travel, others give me upgrades on the product I use.

3. Where can I find the shop page?

The Shop is no more, instead under “Services & Books”  you find a list of available products which you buy through my other website Leaving Holland. You will be redirected to the chart on that website to finalize your payment and receive your appointment

4. Where can I find your ToS and Privacy settings

The Terms of Service and Privacy settings can be found here (click to go there, it will open in a new tab). They are also available in the footer of the Website.

These TOS and the Privacy settings apply to all products available on the website and to the website itself. There are 2 sections: the easy to read and the more in-depth legal section, it is my advice to study both if you have any questions regarding this topic or your privacy while using my website or my services.

5. Can I have my data removed?

For data removal and the policy on this I gladly refer you to my TOS and Privacy Policy. Depending on which country you are from different rules may apply for both of us.

6. Where did the newsletter go?

As of February 2020, I do not send a newsletter anymore. It was quite a lot of work preparing it and sending it every month, and the click rate was rather low. It is a matter of cost-effectiveness. I realized I needed to be more business smart about it.

You can follow me around the web using the social media buttons in the header of the website and in the sidebar.

7. How do you make money online?

I earn money from strategically placed affiliate links, donations for free information provided through this website, and advertisements which is placed on this website.

My main income comes through the online services I provide and the books I sell.

8. Why don’t you answer questions for free?

On occasion, I do answer questions for free and I do help people that comment on the website and contact me through other channels. But again, the cost-effectiveness of running a business like mine weighs. I have to earn my income to pay the rent.

So when your questions start to come within the range of services I offer,  I will refer you to that service in the hope you will pay me for my advice and help. (and time)

9. Why did you split up the website Leaving Holland and started Floating Coconut for English readers?

The website Leaving Holland.com originally started out as an English website. But because I am Dutch and I love to write in Dutch besides writing in English, a Dutch section was added to Leaving Holland in 2019. Because in the Netherlands there is a growing need for up-to-date information on emigrating and starting over in a country that fits better. Every year the number of people feeling unhappy living in the Netherlands grows.

Both languages ran next to each other throughout the blog. In February 2020 I decided that although Google was handling a multi-language blog very well in the SERP, I was not happy with the layout and had difficulty in deciding what language came first. Since I still owned the Domain Floating Coconut, I decided to make a new website and redirect all content with 301 redirects to the new domain.

Leaving Holland is now entirely focused on the Dutch readers and Floating Coconut continues with the original English content.

10. Why did FloatingCoconut Change its identity?

Floating Coconut has been my income source for many years. It is a fluent website, flexible and somehow the Google algorithms pick up on that since visitors numbers are still going up. I change identity whenever I feel the visitor’s demands are changing. Was the website once an important information source about time tables for public transport in the Philippines, nowadays it focuses more on International dating and relationships, for that is what my visitors read the most. (read also: About Floating Coconut, trivia)



DISCLAIMER: Floating Coconut is by NO means a legal website nor does it pretend to be. All information here is written from my own experience with respect to the laws of the countries, states, and cities I visit. If bribery is part of a culture or common in a country, I try to avoid that and write the articles and give advice within the lawful space that is available. If your experience is different, that does not mean my information is wrong.