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Ferry schedule from Sabang Beach to Batangas and vice versa

Rhealaine Shipping Lines has regular bankas sailing from Batangas Port to Sabang Beach and vice versa. Although other shipping lines like Father & Son and Minolo also make regular stops in Sabang. Schedules for those shipping lines you can find in the time schedule section of this website 

Please note that as of January 26, 2020, there is no longer a ferry departing from Sabang Beach to Batangas. You have to travel through Puerto Galera. There is free transport back and forth. With special thanks to one of the readers of this website, who informed me about this change.

The schedule below and provided telephone numbers may not be operative anymore.

Are you traveling to Boracay or Iloilo from Puerto Galera, then you can plan your trip here 

The first trip departing from Sabang comes with free coffee.

Mobile telephone numbers of the Rhealaine Shipping Line:

  • 09178557102
  • 09096252640
  • 0928728446

Departure from Sabang 5.45 AM, 10.30 AM, 2.00 PM

Departure from Batangas 9.00 AM, 1.00 PM, 4.30 PM


Please note that time schedules in the Philippines can change due to weather conditions. My experience in Puerto Galera and Batangas is that many times you do not leave on time because the banka is not fully booked. Just relax, it will depart some time.

Schedules updated 2018