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From Boracay to Mindoro Island on to Puerto Galera

Leaving Boracay Island and heading on to the north you may have some trouble finding information on the internet about ferry schedules and connecting buses.

In the Philippines, schedules are dodgy and sometimes even non-existing. You just have to trust that whenever a ferry docks transportation will be available and with it lots of helpful people that know a way out of the port area.

But it is nice to know whether or not you can reach your next destination in 1 days travel or not.

So here is some information about travelling from Caticlan to Mindoro

The Caticlan Port has two areas: the area where the tourists pass through to go to Boracay and return and if you are facing the Boracay terminal, a little to the left a RoRo terminal where the ferries to Mindoro dock.

Buy your ticket to a ferry of your choice, or just one that is departing anytime soon.

Ferry companies available: 2Go, Montenegro and Fastcat.

Montenegro gets cancelled every now and then, especially in the low season. Fastcat is very reliable and 2Go has very tight luggage rules and security measures going from fingerprinting to full body and luggage search.

Ferries depart every so many hours, during my visit the Fastcat Ferry would leave at 10 in the morning, and Montenegro was scheduled for 2 o’clock. I never got the right information on the 2Go ferry, not even from the travel agency on Boracay Island that sold tickets for 2Go, just go to the port Ma’am and buy your ticket there, was his advice.

And that is how travelling in the Philippines usually is, just finding your way along the trip.

Book your Hotel in Puerto Galera

There are a few certainties among all those non-existing schedules:

  • whenever there is a port, there is transport to and from that port, buses, tricycles mini-vans or jeepney’s
  • porters and guards usually know a lot about schedules, if no one knows to try one of them, the same goes for the vendors walking around
  • There will always be a next bus or ferry, but you just don’t know how long you have to wait.

The ferry leaving from Caticlan to Mindoro will dock either in or near Roxas City (Montenegro) or Bulalacao. From there Dimple Star buses, minivans and/or jeepney’s will be available to take you to Puerto Galera (White Beach, Sabang Beach, Big La Laguna and Talipanan Beach)

How to get from Puerto Galera via Caticlan to Iloilo City you find here (including schedules and prices)


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