How do you become a Digital Nomad?

Are you wondering what you need to become a digital nomad and how it is to live a life of work and travel? On Floating Coconut you find plenty of articles to help you get started with this wonderful life of a vagabond.

Start with the “Ultimate Nomad Checklist” for example and work your way through the rest of the articles on the website.

Happy reading!
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Articles about Digital Nomad life

How do I make money online?

How can you make money online? Suppose you want to travel the world and work while doing so, or you ...
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Top five affordable beach loactions

Who does not dream of a lovely cottage on the beach that is so affordable you can live like a ...
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Can you run a Wordpress website without Wordpress?

Those who are running a website using WordPress are not all overjoyed with the developments WordPress is implementing. Especially not ...
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How do I make a living working online?

It was a jump into the deep end when I left the Netherlands in 2015 to become a digital nomad ...
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What are some top destinations for Digital Nomads?

Remote work increased during the pandemic. And if you are the lucky person whose presence in the office is no ...
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Why remote working from Mexico is popular

From 2020 onwards lots of remote workers and digital nomads found their way into Mexico. Mainly due to the easy ...
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15 ways to fight depression while traveling

It may sound weird to you, traveling long term and visiting the most beautiful countries and places and getting depressed ...
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Traveling when you have debts

Are you in debt and wondering if you can travel, or how you can travel while you are still paying ...
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