How do you become a Digital Nomad?

Are you wondering what you need to become a digital nomad and how it is to live a life of work and travel? On Floating Coconut you find plenty of articles to help you get started with this wonderful life of a vagabond.

Start with the “Ultimate Nomad Checklist” for example and work your way through the rest of the articles on the website.

And when you have questions there is a chat option to talk to me, I am Jeanette Slagt, a 60-year-old woman from the Netherlands, who became a digital nomad in 2015. That’s right!! When I was way past the second half of my life. So if I can do it, so can you!

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Articles about Digital Nomad life

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How to stay Cool in a Tropical Business Meeting

Here I am, my first business meeting in the Philippines. And although I’ve been in this country for some months ...
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The cost of living in Cebu City

Comparing Cebu City to the Filipino countryside or less developed areas Cebu City is rather expensive. Not in general but ...
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What does it take to be an entrepreneur

What does it take to become an entrepreneur?

I interviewed Arnan de Gans, a young Dutch entrepreneur and developer of the famous AdRotate for WordPress plugin. What started ...
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Can Digital Nomads travel during COVID

Some say the Digital Nomad tribe is threatened with extinction. But I doubt that is true. We always had lots ...
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Why you need to be a Tourist in your Home Country

Some questions popped in about becoming a digital nomad and/or starting a travel blog. This inspired me to write a ...
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Is being a Digital Nomad legal?

Many people nowadays dream of a life of work and travel. And some even take the plunge into the deep ...
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Live your dreams and follow your heart

Throwing away my life is not always well accepted by people I shared my story way back in 2015 when ...
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Digital Nomad in lockdown

It is itching, I need to travel, but I cannot. Currently, I am in Mexico, and I know I am ...
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