Need Help becoming a Digital Nomad?

Maybe you can do with some advice? Maybe you like to talk to someone who has been on the road for a while now and still loving the lifestyle?

You can ask me any questions about what it takes and what gear you need to make it out there. And it will be a realistic story, not a fake happy all over the place wow-this-life-is-amazing kind of story. We will talk real business.

We can talk about:

  • What you need to start
  • How it is to work from anywhere
  • Can you do that? Work from noisy places and meet a deadline on feeble internet?
  • How are you going to support yourself?
  • How much money do you need?

and stuff like that.

You buy my time and experience, not an actual product that I can send/ship to you. And I am by no means a legal advisor. But if you are a nomad that needs help, or if you are a person that is considering traveling the world with a laptop as an income source, you can contact me and we can think and work together on that matter.


CHAT Moments for 750MXN = 30 EURO = 37 US$

After your Payment
After your payment is received I will contact you at the provided email address and we will set a meeting time and date, through WhatsApp or iMessage.



EMAIL Questions for 300MXN = 12,50 EURO = 15.50 US$

How does it work?

In the payment possibility, you have a space to ask your question, per payment only 1 question is answered. I will reply as soon as possible but within 48 hours.




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