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How to change your address in Mexico at INM Offices

So many stories on the internet, I almost drowned in them! It is so hard to find actual information that is still valid today.

One says this the other says that and what does Immigration say? That is hard to find and all legal information comes in Spanish.

Whatever people tell you online: There is no English version of the form to change your address nor the immigration tramite website.

I have watched a YouTube video that said there was, I copied the URL the person used, but that website does not exist (anymore) I have read on a message board that there should be a form in English, it gave me hope. But there is no such thing.

So you have to do it in Spanish, just like the visa procedure. Only this one seems to be less complicated and it totally free.

So here are some facts from changing my Address at INM Playa del Carmen in December 2019:

  • You need to fill out an online form that you can find on the website of INM and print that
  • You need a copy of your passport and bring your original
  • You need a copy of your resident card (front and back) and bring the original
  • You need a utility bill not older than 3 months and a copy of the bill, the bill does not have to be in your name, but you need a bill for the exact address
  • You need a letter stating that you swear you live where you say you live in the form.

The online form

When dealing with governmental businesses and tramites always check the website to see if the information has changed. In this case, you check this website (it opens in a new tab) On that page you see on the right in a fixed position a black square with a blue square stating: Tramite in Linea. That is where you click to fill out the form. In the end, save it and print it. You have 20 days to get to the office of INM in your new city and register. The registration is free.

If you do not have a CURP, which is likely when this is your first time and you just got your resident card, you can start the form by entering your NUE number which is on the back of your resident card. The system will connect to your data and now you are only left with the new address to fill out.

When filling out the form, type the address exactly the same way it is in the utility bill.

If you do have a CURP, enter the CURP, and ignore the NUE option.

INM Change address Mexico

The letter for the change of address

The above-mentioned website explains what data should be in the letter. Please make sure that the address you use in the online form is the same as the one you use in the letter. All fields marked with a * are mandatory.

  • full name as it is on your INM Card
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • the old address (including the state)
  • the date you moved, not later than 3 months!!
  • the new address (including the state)
  • your signature and written name (in blue ink)

The letter should look more or less like this:


Secretaria de Gobernación
Instituto Nacional de Migración
– address of the INM Office-


ASUNTO: Cambio de domicilio Tarjeta Residente Temporal NUE 000000XXXXXX (your number)

Yo, YOUR NAME, mayor de edad, estado civil soltero de nacionalidad YOUR NATIONALITY titular de la Tarjeta migratoria al rubro, me dirijo a esta Delegación Federal para:


Bajo protesta de decir la verdad, manifiesto que el DATE OF MOVING, cambié mi domicilio de




Por lo anterior a usted expuesto:




Take all that to the immigration office.

They will send you an email with a unique username and code, so you can follow the request online. It should take about a week to get a notification that you can collect the confirmation that you live in your new home.


  • sign and write only with a blue pen! Your documents might be refused when you use a different color.
  • Use the exact same address as on your utility bill
  • Use Google Translate when you get stuck in Spanish, just copy/paste
  • When you have filled out the online form you have 20 days (!!!!) to go to INM after that the form has lost its legality


12 reacties

  • JC from Holland

    depending on your national Tax laws, and the way you earn money, for some people it can be profitable to have your world income taxed in Mexico. But that differs per nationality and sometimes profession. Some countries demand proof of tax registration from the country of residence.

    Good luck with the application and thanks for the compliments.

  • Dogo

    Thanks JC – you have great info on this site. I’m going to apply for temp residency – main reason is so that I can stay more than 6 months without leaving and open bank account. Now you mention tax number – do you need a tax number? I think you only need one if you generate income in Mexico – which I guess you don’t and I won’t either.

  • JC from Holland

    Hi Dogo, thanks for reading here and I apologize for the late reply.

    This is how the law is for those that live here on a temporary or permanent resident visa. OF course, you do not have to do this change of address, but you cannot apply for a tax number, open a bank account, get a CURP or a Mexican (non-tourist) driver’s license. So it is worth the while. And I stay in Airbnb but for along time, not per month. And my landlord has no problem providing me with a utility bill.

  • Dogo

    Suppose you are staying in AirBnBs – one month at a time. What if you can’t get a utility bill with the address on?
    Can you update your address? If not then after 3 months you will get fined…that can’t be right?

  • JC from Holland

    Hey Mary Jane, thanks for sharing that info, I had no clue, in Quintana Roo they were happy with my letter. I will look into it and add the official (better accepted probably) letter to the article in a short while.

    Indeed very kind if the lady to help you out, I find immigration officers to be very helpful, strict, but helpful.

    Again thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Mary Jane

    As a heads up: We just did our change of address in Puerto Vallarta, using your form letter, rather than the official letter online. They wouldn’t accept it. The lady filled out and printed the proper letter and had us sign it. Very kind of her to do that!

    Mary-Jane Garnett Oct 14/2020.

  • Thelma

    We are 7 months late in notifying INM of our address change. We moved 10 miles away from previous residence. I understand there will be a penalty for not notifying INM within 90 days. Do you know what the penalty will be and if I still fill out the forms or just go to INM as we are late?
    Thank you!

  • J Golsan

    The form asks for LADA right before LANDLINE. I don’t know what “side” to put. I think I finished the form but I didn’t get a confirmation.

  • Jeanette

    The link to the website of the government works, but the link on the government website does not work indeed, it gives a proxy error. That is something the government has to fix. Maybe the website has maintenance or an error atm because of too many visitors. None of the links on that page work at the moment.

    Try again later maybe.
    This is beyond my power to solve.

  • Rene Dobbins

    The page with the form to fill out won’t come up. “proxy error”. Any ideas what I can do?