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How to find Plus Size Clothes while living in the Philippines

When I moved to the Philippines and was preparing to move I realized I would be like a giant among all those tiny and petite Filipino’s. I would be able to oversee the crowds and I would feel big…..real big! When I left the Netherlands I was size XXL. And I had the picture: a huge white woman walking the streets filled with little dark skin people.

I must say: I was wrong. Due to the influence of the Spanish and Americans in this country, the Filipino’s are larger than the average Asian person and after traveling for over a year in this country I can tell you from my own experience: there are many fat Filipino’s.

Filipino’s that rise above poverty and that live in big cities become fatter and fatter. But even int he country-side you find people with severe overweight. There are even school programs for awareness on healthy snacks and gaining weight. And that is a huge task since the food industry adds sugar into everything, and so does the Filipino mum.

They eat sweet bread, sausages, ketchup, spaghetti and you name it, it contains sugar.

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Now one would say: with the obesity growth in this country it would be easy to find XXL clothing…..yes and no!

Asian XXL is different from Western XXL believe me. But still, looking at the size of some of the people I wonder where they buy their clothes. Although I lost so much weight I do not need XXL anymore, I like my clothes to be a loose fit. That is much more comfortable in a hot and humid climate, believe me.

So while shopping in SM Mall and Robinson Mall in the big cities I sometimes stumble upon an oversized section in the department store or even a specialized shop here and there. But the easiest way to find larger clothing sizes is to go to the Ukay Ukay. With supplies coming mainly from the United States Ukay Ukay stores have a lot a (new) big size clothes on sale.
And the prices are a joke, really, 50-100 pesos for a good shirt, that is 1-2 euros per shirt. Shorts do 100-150 pesos, so max 3 euros for a pair of shorts.

Another great rule to live by when shopping for oversized clothing is: when you see it and like it: buy it…..for my experience is, it might be gone when you come around to look for it again.
Especially in department stores and XXL shops, they run out of stock so fast. And they never seem to restock with the same products on a regular base.

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The Dressmaker might be just the person for you

When you are a seal oversized person the dressmaker might suit you. They make tailor-made shirts and shorts and they are pretty cheap. They offer a variety of fabric and you can have a say in how you want the style. So, you might want to consider doing some research on that. It might be just the solution to get yourself some pretty shirts and shorts.
And they work fast!


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