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How to get a car or motor insurance in Mexico

If you want to participate int he Mexican Traffic with your own vehicle You will need Mexican insurance. To me this was such an unclear process, since I won a motorcycle, I could only find car insurances. But a quick stop at a local insurance office learned that that is about the same in Mexico.

Mexico Insurance car motorcycle

What to you need to provide for the insurer?

In addition to your name, address and other contact information, the insurer will need to know:

  • name
  • contact information
  • emergency contact and/or beneficiary
  • Vehicle brand
  • Vehicle model
  • Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Coverage you require

Please note that in order to use Federal roads you need a coverage of at least 3 million MXN in your liability clause.

Most Mexican car and motorcycle insurances include

  • Liability
  • Legal aid and road side assistance
  • Material damage (up to the vehicle’s value)
  • Theft (up to the vehicle’s value)
  • Medical costs (per passenger)

Please note: read the terms of your policy, some insurances only allow your to call them when you are in an accident. your first respons probably is to call the police, this might not be allowed. Insurance companies in Mexico have the obligation to call the police for you and advice or demand not to talk to police before their legal assistant arrives

Average cost of a Mexican Motorcycle insurance (Depending the value of your motor) will be around 300 – 500 Euros

Things to know about Mexican Car and Motorcycle insurance:

  • your dealer will probably know the best insurances, just ask him
  • not all insurances that do car insurance will also do Motorcycle insurances
  • there are lots of small local offices that can help you find the best policies and prices
  • coverage per insurance companies can vary greatly so make a wise choice, a low premium is not always the best choice in a country where you are being locked up if you have no legal assistance of sufficient coverage.
  • you can pay per month, 6 months or annual,
  • there is no discount when you pay annual
  • your insurance is for one year only it is up to you to extend or renew

Any questions about living in Mexico? Feel free to use the comments section below. Or book your private time with me

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