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How to get from Bantayan Island to Bacolod

Early morning start here, for it is time to leave Bantayan Island and move to Iloilo City.
I’ll be travelling to Bacolod first, then take a ferry from there to Iloilo. Since I’ve come from Iloilo to Bacolod a few months ago, I know the drill in Bacolod, that is not the most challenging part of this trip. The most challenging is to get to Cadiz.

Here is how I got to Cadiz Port on Negros

From my resort, there was free transport to the port. They drove me up to where the ferries dock. Although wait, ferries do not dock at Bantayan port due to low tide.
You are transported with a little boat to the ferry.

Here is a video:

The ferry departs around 10 o’clock, but the last shuttle boat leaves the port at 9. So make sure you are on time!

Company: Mans Sea Transport
Price: 290 pesos
Terminal Fee: 25 pesos
departure time: 9.30 am
Travel time: 2.5 hours

Onboard is a toilet, they sell noodles and drinks as well, so you are well taken care of during the 2.5-hour trip.

Look out for the sandbar-island on the right, somewhere along the trip. Amazing how a complete white sand strip just pops up in the sea. Makes you wonder whether it is hand made, but I was told it is not.

Cadiz Port, in the middle of nowhere

Cadiz port is in the middle of nowhere. But there are lots of tricycles waiting to transport you and your luggage to the bus terminal.

here is a video of that trip:

At the bus terminal every so often busses leave for Bacolod. When I was there, there were three air-con buses waiting to depart, and 2 liners.
You can choose Direct aircon busses with only a few stops along the way, or a liner, which is rather time-consuming but great fun because you get to see the Filipino travel style while hanging out of a window.

I took the air-con bus because there was a ferry waiting for me in Bacolod.
At least, that is what I thought.

Bus company: Ceres Tours
Price: 95 pesos
Departure: 12.45 pm
Travel time: 1.45 hours

Bacolod to Iloilo

Fastcat ferry services

In Bacolod, I learned that my ferry wasn’t leaving until 5 o’clock
So I had a stopover at Robinson’s place for a drink and a bite to eat.
After that, I returned to the Banago Wharff and got on the ferry to Iloilo.

Company: FastCat
price: PHP 200 (economy)/php 250 (premium Economy)/php 300 (business class)
departure: 17.00
travel time: 1.5 hours

We left with half an hour delay so I arrived in Iloilo around 19.15 hours.

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