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How to get from Dumaguete to Cebu City?

And again it is time to move on, this time I go to Cebu City. My bags are packed and I check out of the Manhattan Suites Inn in Dumaguete. Walking distance from the Ceres bus terminal.

How to get from Dumaguete to Cebu City by bus and ferry

There is a regularly scheduled bus from Dumaguete to Cebu City, the air-con bus departs daily from the Ceres bus terminal.  You will find that bus terminal close to Robinsons Place. You only leave the bus when you are on the ferry, and board the bus again before the bus leaves the ferry. Since it is the first vehicle to leave the boat. You pay for the bus, and your luggage if you want to store that in the hatch underneath the bus. On the ferry, you are asked to pay for the ferry.

Ferry DumagueteMy trip details

Departure time: 11.20

Price: 180 pesos per person, 25 pesos per piece of luggage in the luggage storage under the bus.
Ferry: 70 pesos (Maayo Shipping Company)

Travel time:
1 hour from Dumaguete to Tampi where the bus embarks the ferry,
30 minutes to cross the Bohol Sea to Cebu Island,
4.5 hours to get to Cebu City.
Total: 6 hours

Dumaguete Negros

Stops: There is one stop before going on board the ferry, you can buy food and there is a CR. There is no food nor drinks available on board the ferry.
Another stop is halfway on the island of Cebu, at a gas station, just to stretch your legs and have a CR visit.

Lots of vendors get on and off the bus during the ride, they sell buko pie, crisps and local food. Not one with drinks, so make sure to bring enough water on your trip.

Although Ceres says it is a non-stop bus, it stops everywhere to let passengers on and off. Like any bus in the Philippines. My bus was so packed with people that some of them had to stand all the way to Cebu City.

Total costs: 275 pesos (5.50 euro)

Here are some photos from the ferry

ferry schedule

Ferry to Cebu

Dumaguete to Cebu

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It is a very scenic ride, I can recommend you take a seat on the right side of the bus (so not the row behind the driver), you will have sea view.
You follow the coastline of the Island of Cebu and you will have some great views.

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