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Timetables in the Philippines

How to get from Negros Island to Cebu Island with a car

Travelling from Negros Island to Cebu Island and taking a car or a motorcycle, you have 2 ports os departure: Sibulan Ferry Terminal, a few minutes drive from Dumaguete or Tampi Port, just a little further north up theĀ  Western Nautical Highway.

Both Roro trips will only take less than half an hour to transport you to Cebu Island.

Travelling by bus from Dumaguete to Cebu your bus will take the roro at Sibulan Ferry Port.

Both ports on the opposite side will have transportation waiting to take your further on your trip on Cebu Island, for example to Oslob, Santander, Cebu City and Bantayan Island.

Time table Maayo Shipping lines departing from Sibulan Ferry Terminal to Lilo-An, Cebu Island

06.00 am12.00 pm06.00 pm
07.30 am01.30 pm07.30 pm
09.00 am03.00 om09.00 pm
10.30 am04.30 pm10.30 pm
(not on Sunday)

Time table Maayo Shipping Lines departing from Tampi going to Bato, Cebu Island

04.00 am12.30 pm06.00 pm
05.00 am01.10 pm07.30 pm
06.30 am
03.00 om09.30 pm
08.00 am04.30 pm11.30 pm
09.30 am
10.30 am
11.30 am

Bus schedules from Dumaguete going to Cebu City and vice versa

can be found here (click) ==>

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