Puerto Aventuras Mexico to Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue
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How to get from Puerto Aventuras to Playa del Carmen or Tulum

Puerto Aventuras a Holiday Strip in Solidaridad, the same Community Playa del Carmen lies. It is a village and a tourist area which is a gated compound near the shore with a dolphin experience, all-inclusive resorts and private holiday homes.

You find Puerto Aventuras just 20 minutes away from Playa del Carmen Centro, and between Playa del Carmen en Tulum along the highway. It is marked by a footbridge across the highway, and huge gate and recognisable by a Chedraui Supermarket across the road.

How to get from Puerto Aventuras to Playa del Carmen, or Tulum

When you book your holiday in Puerto Aventuras you find yourself in an exclusive tourist area, due to the gate and main entrance not many people are allowed inside only those that have to be there. You have to pass the guards and identify yourself either with an ID or hotel wristband to get in and out.

You can leave by taxi, the hotel can call one for you to pick you up at the hotel entrance. Price to travel to Playa del Carmen Centro for a taxi ride is 390 MXN, one way. (17 USD/15 EURO)*

In Playa del Carmen any taxi driver will return you for around the same price and sometimes when business is slow a little less, like 350 MXN.
But 390 MXN is an agreed government price.

The taxi price list will be available at your hotel lobby.

The price for Tulum which is further away will be more expensive.

Tulum Playa del Carmen shuttle

More adventures and in for a little stroll? Take a Colectivo

If you feel up to saving some money and feel more adventures, you walk to the main gate and wait at the bus stop near the taxi stand for the colectivo or combi.

You just stop the Colectivo coming from Tulum, he will either stop to let passengers off or signal his lights he has space for passengers. You get in and pay 39 MXN (1.72 USD/1.53 EURO) for a single ride per person.

They let you off in Playa del Carmen Centro, from there is it only a few blocks to the famous 5th Avenue, with restaurants, bars, shops and beach access.

If you want to go to Tulum or any of the Cenotes or archaeological sites along the highway, you take the bus stop at the Chedraui. Walk along the highway, take the footbridge and wait for the colectivo to stop there.

Puerto Aventuras transport

Really in for a bargain?

You can do it even cheaper if you like, you take the combi, it is a colectivo that connects Playa del Carmen to Puerto Aventuras. They make a stop in between at Xcaret and stop on demand. It is less comfortable than the Colectivo from Tulum, but the price is only 20 pesos (0.88 USD/0.79 EURO), per person per ride.

You recognize them because the destinations are painted on the front window and the colour is white with blue instead of white and red like the Tulum-Playa del Carmen colectivo.

You get off at the end-point in the centre of Playa del Carmen.

Please note that this combi only connects Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras.

How to get to Cancun?

In Playa, you can transfer to the colectivo to Cancun, to Playa Express to Cancun and to ADO busses to Cancun. Your driver of the chosen transport in Puerto Aventuras will be more than willing to explain how to proceed the best way from Playa del Carmen.

Departure time

No need to worry about departure time, every 10-20 minutes there is a colectivo from Tulum to Playa and vice versa, they come and go. And the Combi’s leave as soon as they are full. And there is all day, all evening service.

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To use public transport in Quintana Roo, you need a facemask, hand sanitizer and at some points, your temperature will be taken or your feet (shoes) will be disinfected. There might be highway checkpoints on entering cities or just regular checkpoints, just follow the rest of the people in how to behave and what to do. Do not make a fuzz, these measurements are to keep everybody safe and healthy.