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How to get to Punta Sam in Cancun

Many people want to know how to get to Puerto Sam, and I was one of them. So on a good day, I set out to find my way around the bus system here in Cancún and figure out a way to the ferry terminal in Punta Sam which is said to be much cheaper than the Ultramar ferries to Isla Mujeres.

Getting to Punta Sam was difficult. I will be honest about that. There seems to be no bus going to Punta Sam, only a colectivo, a small white van. And they only pass through certain areas of the city.

Getting one in the area of the hotelzone or Playa Las Americas or Walmart is a no go. You have to change buses or be prepared to walk.

So let’s assume you are in the hotelzone and want to go to Punta Sam

  • take bus R1 to Crucero
  • in Crucero get off the bus at Las Tiendas de Cancún, the mall.
  • keep the mall at the left side of you and walk towards the big street ahead with the traffic-lights (for references: you pass a Honda Dealer)
  • turn right
  • walk about half a block and there is a stop for the colectivos going to Puerto Juarez and Punta Sam
  • make sure to get on the one that goes all the way to Punta Sam, it should be on the front window

Now, these colectivos do not stop all the way up the peninsula, they go as far as the car ferry to Isla Mujeres. From there, if you want to visit the beaches and such you have to walk, so put on your walking shoes.

Did you know: that once you are there you actually are already on Isla Mujeres? That part of the peninsula is part of Isla Mujeres.

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The bus ride to Punta Sam will take you past some interesting points

  • El Meco historical side that actually has a Mayan pyramid
  • Playa del Niño a small white sand beach next to the road
  • lots of seafood restaurants with terraces on and close tot he water
  • a seaside glass church for Maria Estrella del Mar, with a great viewpoint over the hotel zone right and Isla Mujeres left

How often do these buses ride?
As soon as they are reasonably full, so it might take a while, and because of that and since there are only a few buses going there they are packed with people.

What is the price?
Colectivos are 10 pesos per person, always, no matter how far you travel within city boundaries. You pay the driver when you get in, you do not get a ticket.
If you sit down because it is busy you pass the money to the front handing it to the people on the bus. No worries, they will give it to the driver and will even return your change if any.

How to get back?
Halfway the road to the ferry port the colectivos stop and wait for new passengers, if you decide to walk a little and visit some sightseeing you wave one down and get on.

How far is it from that point to the tip of the peninsula?
10 km. More or less. Not so much shade and only a few hotels and sports activities can be found in that area. Like extreme sports, fishing camp and kite surfing.
There is not much shade so it will be a hot walk.

Now the colectivo I got said: Isla Blanca, on the list of destinations so I assumed he would go all the way up that road to the end. But it didn’t and since it was packed with builders and no beach goers and I wanted to see the ferry port, I did not ask.

I know, stupid! But I will ask some day and see if I can get further on. That post will be up as soon as it happens.

Please note: There are 2 types of colectivos in Cancun and Maya Riviera. The city ones, no air-con no comfort only benches around the floor area and room for people standing.
The intercity ones, that take you to Playa del Carmen and even Tulum. they are with air-con and a little more comfort.

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