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How to travel from Caticlan to Roxas with a motorcycle

The busy port of Caticlan, gateway to Boracay Island holds more ferries than only the shuttles to Boracay.

Ferries leave to all destinations there, for example to Roxas Port on Mindoro Island. A 4 hours crossing with Starlight Ferries.

They depart at noon from Caticlan, to let you arrive in time in Roxas to find a place to stay for the night.

The procedure for taking a motorcycle on board a ferry is pretty much the same in every port.
Prices may vary because of distance and company.

You need the following papers before they allow you to leave the island with a motorbike:

  • drivers license and/or passport or ACRi Card
  • original motorcycle registration papers, approved by LTO (without finalised registration you can not travel outside your region with a motorbike, penalties are up to 2,000 pesos)
  • boat tickets
  • coast guard clearance
  • port authorities ticket

Step by step procedure

  • First purchase a ticket, 1,350 php per motorcycle + driver (22,29 Euro)
  • Go to the Coast guard office which is outside the port area. When you enter the port you see them on the right side, just before entering the port area.
  • Return to the port area and go to the port authorities booth (next to your ferry companies ticket booth) and pay your port fees, 65 php per motorcycle (1,07 euro)
  • Now follow the guards instructions to the ferry berth
  • Then show your approved papers to the coast guard checking the tickets
  • Ask the cargo man to point out the direction where to board, left or right, he will write down your license plate and check your papers again.
  • Follow the instructions of the deckhands, one will be assigned to tie down your bike.
  • Remove the luggage, StarLight will not take any responsibility.

On Board the Ferry

  • The ticket comes with free business class seat.
  • On board there is a quick stop for snacks and drinks.
  • Business class offers nice chairs, put down your back angle and rest.
  • The trip will take 4 hours.

On departure you get a nice view of Boracay Island, all the way from Station 1 to 4, and the Romblon Island group.