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How to travel from Cebu City to Bohol

Ferry schedules from Cebu City to Tagbilaran, Bohol island. From here it is easy to travel to Panglao.

Did you book your stay in Alona or Dumaluan? Then you can hire a tricycle for around 500 pesos, to bring you to your resort.
Taxis are available also but rather expensive, the ride is a fixed price. Did you meet with other people that are going to the same location you might consider sharing a hired van, prices are negotiable and divided per the persons on board it might be a comfortable and cheap option.

F.e. a van rental is 400 pesos, after negotiating, and you share with 5 people… is all about budget!

Prices for the ferries start at Lite ferries for 210 pesos, Weesam Express 550 pesos and OceanJet and 2Go 500 pesos per person. A luggage fee may apply, and the terminal fee is not included.

  • OceanJet 5.10 daily
  • 2Go Supercat 5.50 daily
  • OceanJet 6.00 daily
  • OceanJet 7.00 daily
  • 2Go Supercat 8.15 daily
  • OceanJet 8.00 daily
  • Weesam Express 9.00 daily
  • OceanJet 9.20 daily
  • OceanJet 10.40 daily
  • 2Go Supercat 11.00 daily
  • OceanJet 11.40 daily
  • Lite Ferries 12.30 daily, roro
  • OceanJet 13.00 daily
  • 2Go 13.15 daily
  • Weesam Express 14.00 daily
  • OceanJet 14.00 daily
  • OceanJet 15.20 daily
  • 2Go 15.35 daily
  • OceanJet 16.20 daily
  • Weesam Express 16.30 daily
  • OceanJet 17.00 daily
  • OceanJet 17.40 daily
  • 2Go 17.45 daily
  • OceanJet 18.40 daily
  • Weesam Express 18.30 daily
  • Lite Ferries 22.00 daily, roro
  • Lite Ferries 1.00 Mon, Wed, Sat, roro

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*Please note: prices and schedule 2018, ferry prices and times may vary, 
in low and peak season, and departures can be delayed due to 
weather conditions or unexplained circumstances.

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