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How to travel from Cebu City to Bohol

Fat Ferries from Cebu to Tagbilaran on Bohol, leave almost every hour. You can choose between several ferry companies:

  • Ocean Fast Ferry
  • Weesam Express
  • 2Go
  • Starcraft
  • Kinswell Shipping Lines
  • etc.

Passengers Terminal Cebu to Bohol

Besides fast ferries there are a few regular RoRo’s leaving every so many hour from Pier 4, they are cheaper than the Fast Ferries.
You will find all the tickets boots at the entrance of the Pier the ferry company is departing from.
For SuperCat you go to Pier 1, 2Go ticket booth, you find it behind the Plaza Independencia at the extension of Legaspi Street.

Buy the ticket from the company of your choice. Prices may differ a lot, I decided to travel with 2GO Fast Ferry that was half the price of the other offers.
You can take up to 15 kilos of luggage for free, they will charge you: 13 pesos per extra kilo.

You have to present a valid ID when buying your ticket.

Terminal Fee Philippines


  • buy your ticket at the ticket booth
  • enter the actual port area
  • go to the passengers terminal opposite the entrance gate
  • inside you line up to pay the terminal fee
  • after that, you pass Port-security
  • and then you come to the place where they will weigh your luggage and you get your seat number

Book your hotel or resort on Bohol Island

TIP: ask for window seats on the left side of the vessel, you will get a good view of Bohol and the islands you pass.

Waiting in the terminal

Make sure you are on time, that may imply some waiting time, the passengers terminal is a pleasant place to wait. Souvenir shops, clean toilets, food stands and a restaurant. Bonus: live entertainment of some blind musicians, they turned out to be pretty good.

Besides this, the passengers terminal offers a nice view of the water and port area.

My trip to Bohol facts and Figures

  • Taxi from Bayfront Hotel to Pier 1: 78 pesos (1.56 euro)
  • Ferry company: 2Go SuperCat
  • Ticket Price 400 pesos (8 Euro)
  • Luggage fee: 104 pesos extra luggage fee (2.08 euro)
  • Terminal fee: 25 pesos
  • Departure time: 13.55 (schedule said 13.45)
  • Arrival time: 16.00

On board they serve food and drinks, I bought a ham and cheese sandwich for 80 pesos (1.60 euro) which is rather expensive. You might want to buy your food up front.

Arriving in Tagbilaran

Arriving in Tagbilaran it gets a bit chaotic. Lots of tour guides and hotel shuttles await you. When you have not booked a hotel shuttle, just leave the port area, you will find a taxi place right outside with lots of tricycles and taxies. I took a tricycle, it cost me 300 pesos and half an hours ride.

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