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Timetables in the Philippines

How to travel from Cebu to Ormoc and v.v.

OceanJet has daily departures from both Cebu and Ormoc port. In Cebu, they depart from pier 1

Prices are 1,000 php for open air/tourist class and 1,200 pesos for business class.
Travel time is 2.5 hours depending on tide and weather.

Departure time CebuDeparture time Ormoc

From Cebu port other ferries are departing for Ormoc as well:

Companydeparture time Cebu Port 
Weesam Express05.20Pier 1, daily
2Go Travel05.30Pier 1, daily
2Go Travel08.00Pier 1, daily
Cebu Ferries08.00Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
Weesam Express10.45Pier 1, daily
2Go Travel11.00Pier 1, daily
Light Ferries11.00Pier 1, daily except Friday
2Go Travel13.30Pier 1, daily
Weesam Express16.20 Pier 1, daily
2Go Traavel16.30 Pier 1, daily
Super Shuttle Ferrie21.00Mon, Wed, Fri
Roble Shipping22.00Pier 2, daily

Travel time varies Roble and Super Shuttle take 6 hours to arrive in Ormoc, Light Ferries 5 hours, Cebu Ferries 4 hours, and Weesam Express and 2Go Travel 2.5 hours.


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