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Timetables in the Philippines

How to travel from Siquijor to Cebu or Bohol

Siquijor has ferries going in all directions. You can travel to Dumaguete, where you can find Sibulan Airport f.e. or travel from there to Cebu by bus. 

But you can also travel directly from Siquijor to Cebu Island by ferry, You can even bring a motorcycle or a car.

And there are daily ferries leaving for Tagbilaran in Bohol.

Make sure you plan your trip in advance since weather conditions can influence departure. Timetable changes due to weather or maintenance may occur.

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Did you know that:

  • they do sell food on board OceanJet?
  • all ferries have a CR?
  • many shipping lines let you buy your tickets in advance?
  • OceanJet has a refund policy when you cancel in time?
  • there is no extra luggage fee on board the ferries
  • porters do not come as a courtesy if the shipping lines, you have to pay them?
  • there is free wifi available in most of the passenger terminals throughout the country?


Going to Cebu Island by ferry from Siquijor:

Shipping LinesDeparture timePort of departureNotes
Lite Shipping02.00LarenaCebu City. Roro
Sun, Tue, Thu.
Maayo Shipping17.00LarenaLiloan. Roro
George & Peter Lines22.00LarenaCebu. Roro
Wed. Fri.
Opening soon

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Going to Bohol Island by ferry from Siquijor:

Shipping LineDeparture timeDeparture PortNotes
OceanJet14.20LarenaDaily, Fast Ferry
Lite Ferry19.00LarenaCebu City, via Tagbilaran. Roro
Sun, Tue, Thu.

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