Arnan and Jeanette from Floating Coconut

How To's

Nomads get stuff done their own way. Find out how to get stuff without a fixed address, too.

Here are some how to's for topics Nomads may want to do or have to deal with. Read about our personal experiences in these articles and how we struggle with them or have figure them out to our advantage.

Our How To's

How to become a digital nomad

What does it take to become a Digital Nomad? What do you need? Where to start? Burning questions we faced when we became something of a Digital Nomad a few years ago.

How to become a blogger

Throw some articles together and get rich while sipping margaritas. The ultimte dream of any traveller... Now back to reality and find out how to get started.

How to earn money as a Digital Nomad

Passive Income are the magic words. We don't know magic, but we did learn a few things and figured out a lot of the technical things most nomads have to overcome.

How to travel with a partner

Want to share your travels with someone? How to deal with the antics of a travel partner. Should he or she really be travelling with you? Our experiences and things to look out for.

How to travel with your mother

We've talked about travelling with a partner or lover. But what about going around the world with your mother in tow.