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I am a resident in Mexico can I get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

If you live in Mexico as a temporary or permanent Resident you probably wondering if, when, and where you can get your vaccine for COVID19 if you want to get vaccinated.
The Mexican Government recently spoke of Mexican Nationals until recently when addressing the Mexican Vaccination program.

An avid listener may have noticed that the term” Mexican National” has been dropped and now only age groups are addressed. From the publications of the State governor of Quintana Roo, I understand that the government aims for a 99% vaccination rate. Only then the disease will be contained, so the publications claim.

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Can I get a vaccination in Mexico? And what are the costs?

The Mexican authorities have issued the following guidance on how to get a vaccine in Mexico. If you are resident in Mexico, and you hold a valid CURP Number, you can get a vaccination as soon as your age group is called for. Currently, the call is for the group of 60 years and above. (Read: how to get a CURP number in Mexico).

You must register at the special webpage of the Federal Ministery of Health and the vaccination should be free.
It is explained that registration is to monitor the transportation of vaccines to the right location since vaccines are scarce, nothing will get spoiled this way.

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You join Mexico’s efficient and famous vaccination programs

Mexico is famous for its upscale vaccination programs. There is a strict protocol and the reach is high. In every corner of the country, even in the far-out countryside and mountains vaccination points are available. Since vaccination for example for flu happens yearly throughout the country.

So for the moment, living in Mexico as a resident, holding a valid CURP, and being 60 years of age or older, you can register here. The website is in Spanish only. And again: No need to register if you do not have a CURP number.

Keep an eye on the daily press-conference from the Ministery of Health for changes and updates in the vaccination program. You can follow them on YouTube, here.

Pleases do not buy vaccines from alternative sources since the rumor has that there are fake vaccines being sold for 150 US$ per vaccination. And Please only trust the Government’s official announcement from State and Federal Government.


* This information is obtained from the website of the government of the United Kingdom 

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