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I want to date a Mexican Man

When you travel a lot like me, relationships are hard to maintain. Yet I do get lonely sometimes and it would be nice to have that one special person in your life you can turn to when you want to share something and go out with.

After my Filipino dating experience, I find myself a little reluctant. For there it was too easy to date. I got a few marriage proposals each month from random strangers ready to walk the altar with me. And don’t get me wrong, they were serious.
When I started dating there I realized very fast that it was out of economic sense more than out of love.

Filipino men, caucasian men, sex, alcohol,

But I did have a few relationships in the Philippines and I dated a few men. And I learned a lot, mostly about myself

So time to fill out a new profile on a Mexican dating site with that new-found knowledge.
The first ‘hi’ and ‘hello’s’ have been shared, but nothing much seems to be happening.

So I wondered how dating in Mexico is done, and what kind of men is the Mexican man?
Time to do some google research before I jumped into the deep end.

I find mixed information and a lot of that is old also. What I find about Mexican men written from a white woman perspective and it sounds a bit like my experience in the Philippines:

  • Mexican men date often out of economic perspective rather than love
  • they are lazy
  • often married in secret with kids
  • more alcohol than a relationship can take

But those stories are from women in the tourist areas.

And then I have to take into consideration that that is the same everywhere in the world where women go on vacation. You find men like that, mostly young and willing to date any age, in every country in the world that has tourism, it comes with the industry.

And that is not the kind of man I am looking for,

They are mostly men looking for a sugar-mommy, a green card or quick sex without real commitment

I also find that Mexican men are

  • very romantic
  • have a book full of hollow phrases to emphasize their feelings
  • believe in pursuing a woman
  • can be very persuasive to press you into a sexual relationship
  • love courtship

They do not seem to be afraid to show feelings, not even in public, and only introduce you to the family when they are serious.

The tips I gather on defining the serious dater in Mexico from the flirt:

  • If he is willing to take you on dates on multiple occasions without pressing you for sex
  • if he pays for dates
  • if he does all the romantic stuff and keeps doing it
  • if he takes you to family meetings
  • if he is attentive

then he might be serious.

I also find that it might be complicated to find a date because Mexican men work hard and long hours to sometimes even support family members like parents, and have a lot of family obligations. Mexicans have strong family ties and a strong sense of responsibility towards parents and siblings.

Chetumal citytrip

That sounds like a Filipino man with his heart in the right place

It sounds perfect for me, for I do not want a man to move in with me within a week’s time and I do need a lot of ‘me-time’ but I also like some daily (digital) attention.

For the rest, Mexican men, for all I can find on the Internet sound like all men, everywhere in the world: Chasers, dreamers, and romantic at first.

Jeanette Slagt on leaving Holland

What am I looking for in a man and will a Mexican man fit my profile?

What I am looking for is self-confidence and a man that knows his true value. A man who has something to offer in a conversation and has a view on world matters. But I also want him to stand on his own feet financially. I am nobody’s sugar mommy.

Preferably he speaks English.

He has a life of his own but he is ready to fit me in to both our satisfaction and does not hesitate to contact me or open a door for me.

I need a person I can sit next to, sometimes even without speaking, that by his presence alone calms me down after a busy day, watches the moon with me, and wonders about matters of life I want him to make me smile and laugh and I would love for him to court me in a romantic way.

Something like that,

Oh, and I am not too fond of facial hair.

Maybe it is time to get some real experience dating a Mexican man

So let the chase begin……Gentlemen, this lady is open for dates.


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