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Is Cancun nice?

This blog contains a collection of videos of Cancun. It is not about the Hotel Zone, but the real Cancun, where your hotel staff lives. The streets, the shops, the houses.
I walked, rode, and lived in those areas on and off for nearly 2 years, during the Covid Pandemic and before. And I love to show it to you. this is the real Cancun!

You wonder when you search the internet whether or not Cancun is nice, well, yes, it is, the sea is gorgeous and the beaches are mostly stunning, the illusion created by the hotel business is amazing and breathtaking. “Planned Paradise” is the slogan of one of them. And that is what it is: a planned Paradise.

But behind all that is daily life. In a city struggling with garbage, crime, and maintenance. Like everywhere in the world. I did a series on safety in Cancun, where I ride my motorcycle through, what is known as, some of the most dangerous areas in Cancun, and where I walk through Cancun by night and visit the famous night market in Downtown Cancun

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Is Cancun nice?

You can make up your own mind about how nice Cancun is, and whether or not you want to stay in an all-inclusive hotel tucked away from reality, or book an Airbnb and live right in the middle of the city. I am not the one to tell you if Cancun is ‘nice’ or ‘safe’ since I do not know you and have no idea what pictures in your head define those words for you.

My website and YouTube channel have always been about showing people so they can make up their own minds. I think that is for the best. If people ask me questions like: How much does it cost? Or: What is the best thing to do? I always hesitate but tell them I can share from my own experience and that they can create their own answer from that. Because I am not you. And my emotions and definitions of words with an emotional meaning are probably different from yours.

But in general, is Cancun nice? Yes!! It is nice, if you love a beach holiday in a make-believe world, it is nice if you stay here in an Airbnb rental and travel to the beaches yourself.
But you have to realize that there is a price that comes with tourism and you will pay that price. Food is overrated, waiters are more eager for high bills so they have high tips, then for giving excellent service. Taxi drivers will ask you for high prices whenever they can and entrance fees are higher for you as a tourist from outside Mexico.

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Is Cancun nice in talks of your Mexico experience?

No, it is not nice. Cancun is not Mexico. You notice that the moment you leave the Cancun area and travel through little pueblos in Quintana Roo and Yucatan. You see a different side of Mexico that you will not see in Cancun. Cancun is a fairly new city based on concrete buildings and a lack of history, and due to the influx of people from all over the country lack of culture and identity as well. It is a melting pot of people willing to work long hours for little pay in the hotels. Cancun is a place where you can get rich.

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Is it fair to say that when you have visited Cancun you know Mexico?

Nope! You have seen cultural shows that are adjusted for public eyes. They are colorful and fun but they have little authenticity. They are certainly worth watching, for they will give you an impression, but believe me, outside of Cancun it is different.

The tequila you drink is for tourists, the souvenirs you buy are for tourists, the prices you pay are for tourists.

That is Cancun, and yes, that is nice and fun, but it is not Mexico. The rich culture, the gastronomic experience, the history, the folklore, if you are looking for that, you have to go off the beaten path, into the real Mexico.

Hey, but this is telling me how I experience Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum……and all the places in between and around that area.

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You will have an amazing time in your hotel and even in the Hotel Zone

If you are looking for a dream holiday or a beach wedding, or an amazing tequila-drenched weekend with the gang: Cancun is nice, definitely, it is more than nice, it is amazing! Even if you stay in the Hotel Zone, you love it! You can go shopping in the most exclusive shops, brands are available here, there are amazing malls. But also the nightlife is here to entertain you. From fine dining and wining to early morning hours dancing in discos and even shows that are Mexican-like. You can book tours and go see some tourist sites or stay in your hotel all day to enjoy the best of what Mexico offers tourists.

Mexico street safety

This is the Cancun where I live

So, now it is time for that “show and tell”. This is the Cancun where I lived for a long time preparing for my motorcycle trip through Mexico. I hope you enjoy watching my neighborhood, the shops I visit and the streets I walk and ride.

A local Market in Cancun

This is a visit to a local market in Cancun. Near Grand Plaza. it was before the pandemic. Markets have been forbidden for a while due to Covid restrictions, and nowadays everyone wears masks which are at the moment when I write this article mandatory in Quintana Roo, the state where Cancun is part of.

The outskirts of Cancun

Around Cancun, there is a lot of development. Sometimes people build houses where they are not allowed to, but most areas are under construction, especially in the Airport region. Roads are not always paved and there is a lot of dust and garbage.

 There are Cenotes right in the heart of Cancun

IN the city center, usually in parks or roundabouts, you can find city cenotes. They are well hidden in the green. I love to explore this kind of area in Cancun, for they are hidden gems in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The fair and the circus, this is where local people go who live in Cancun

Everywhere in the city, a fair or a circus pops up every so often. It is a fun and colorful spectacle full of entertainment and even food.

Wildlife in Cancun

Cancun has many parks, like Kabah, but also smaller parks in Downtown Cancun. Full of wildlife. Birds can be heard everywhere in the city. And Iguanas,  coaties, and opossums of all sizes are widespread. I live in a neighborhood with several parks and I see so many animals on a daily basis. And the colorful birds are amazing.

Daily grocery shopping at Chedraui, Cancun

Walk with me in a supermarket when my son and I go grocery shopping. The supermarkets in Cancun are huge. You can find Bodega Aurora, Aki, Soriana, Walmart, and Chedraui in almost every part of the city.
At the moment, due to Covid, you have to wear a facemask and strict measurements are in place when you visit a supermarket in Cancun or any store that is. But this video was taken before the “New Normal”.

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