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Is Cancun safe for tourists?

So much hearsay, so many stories are to be found on the internet about people with bad experiences and safety issues in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. This is the cartel country where people are shot to death, taken hostage, and corruption rules in the streets.

I think we all know someone that can tell you how dangerous it is in Cancun, yet many expats live here. Are they just lucky, plain stupid, or real daredevils? That they would enjoy a sunshine life at the cartel feet?

I have done a series on safety in Cancun. I show you where I walk, even late at night, how I handle situations and where I ride my motorcycle. I give you tips and show you the most dangerous areas in Cancun in contrast with the Hotel zone where most people feel safe and tucked away far from all that. Area by area I will address crime and crime rates and explain how and why.

In today’s video, I take you to the famous night market in Parque Las Palapas in Downtown Cancun. An area where locals meet to eat, meet, play, and shop.


The next episodes about safety in Cancun will appear on Leaving Holland Channel on

  • June 12When I ride through the Hotel Zone, the entertainment area, and more remote areas
  • June 18 I will take you on a late-night walk through downtown Cancun and Cancun Centro. We take some dark alleys and backroads.
  • June 27 I will ride my motorcycle through the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates in Cancun.==>> June 28 on Floating Coconut a blog will be published with tips and tricks, do’s and don’t’s so you can make up your own mind about the safety in Cancun <==

I hope you will return to either the YouTube Channel or the blog on these dates. You get a full blast experience of Cancun life and can make up your own mind about how safe Cancun really is in different areas during different times of the day. Oh, and I will be addressing some news items as well and how to really read those, for I believe the prejudice about Cancun and Mexico colors many of the news items.