Jeanette got interviewed on BlogExpat

JC from Holland, Jeanette Slagt, Lady Rider, Philippines, Writer,

Jeanette got featured on BlogExpat in an interview.

I left the Netherlands at the age of 54, sold everything I owned and became a global nomad. Or a digital nomad. You name it. But nomad for sure.

My home is where my feet rest. And I have no set place to stay. At the moment of this interview I live in the Philippines, on a small island named Siquijor. I have been here for three years and ready for my so called visa run to hopefully return for another 3 years. I ride a Kawasaki Dominar 400 and I make road trips through the Philippines. Not many women move to the Philippines, but we are an upcoming group.

Check out the full interview here: From the Netherlands to the Philippines: Leaving Holland.
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