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Kuala Lumpur Shopping Malls, how to find your way?

Kuala Lumpur is a city I love. Because of its diversity. I loved every minute I spent there. I loved the architecture, the different cultures in one city, the exposure to different religions, I mean one minute you are in an Indian temple witnessing a ritual, next moment you step over into a Buddhist temple burning incense while the mezuzah for the Muslim prayers is chanted over the city from a nearby mosque.

Although I have been in many cities all over the world, Kuala Lumpur has a vibe I have never experienced in any other city

The city is divided into quarters that mostly point out ethnic groups, so all Indians flock together, all Chinese do etc. and then there is the tourist area called Bukit Bintang. Which is a hypermodern new city centre where the old blends in perfectly.  Culture is mixed with new build high-rises and public transport is all over the city taking you to all corners and even beyond.

It is a very visitors friendly city as well. I have never ever seen so much possibilities for public transport and so well explained for the public.

And then there is the malls. Bukit Bintang does not show it directly, but almost every building contains a shopping area or even a huge mall.
And it is kind of overwhelming, you walk from Mall to Mall. And Kuala Lumpur as a city holds so many……some within walking distance from Bukit Bintang, others just a few minutes by public Transport away.

I name a few

  • Sentral Station, were all public transport meets and it is a very pleasant mall
  • Pavilion
  • Suria KLCC, underneath the Twin Towers and next to the KLCC Aquarium
  • Low Yat Plaza the mall with all laptops, cameras, phones and tablets, looking for electronic gadgets this is your mall!
  • Berjaya Times Square that actually has a whole theme park with an indoor roller coaster on the fifth floor
  • The Gardens Mall
  • Mid Valley Mega Mall
  • MyTown KL Shopping Mall
  • Sunway Velocity Mall, I loved the Mr. Tuk Tuk restaurant in this shopping center

The best guide to all the Malls in Kuala Lumpur you find here, it helped me finding my way around the city while shopping.

Now some of those malls are pretty straightforward, up and down, and every gallery holds shops, food mostly on the ground floor and top floor. Famous brands on the ground and first floor.

Others are located in several buildings and that makes it a little harder to find your way. If you are anything like me, you get lost. I can walk around endless, only to find myself over and over again in the same area and totally missing the shop I am looking for.

For me, malls are very disorientating and I get lost easily

Many malls have maps, but the best guide for all my shopping I found in Berjaya Times Square mall.

Have a look yourself how they made shopping easy: