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Let’s ride to Valladolid, Mexico

From Cancun, Quintana Roo to Valladolid in Yucatan is a ride you can either do over the Cuota, the Mexican toll road. Or you can just wander off on the free highway ad take side roads through little sleepy villages. It takes a little longer but it is worth the while.

On our motorcycle adventure through Mexico, we travel from Pueblo to Pueblo and we ride roads not many tourists dare to go. We get this exceptional experience in the Mexican countryside and discover some amazing places that are way beyond the tourist hotspots.

We discover authentic Mexico and visit villages where seldom a tourist steps of his motorcycle.

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Today we ride to Valladolid and visit its colonial historical center

When we decided to go to Valladolid we avoided the tollway entirely and took the old highway to Leona Vicario and found our way through the Quintana Roo and Yucatan landscape from here.

We had an epic ride ending in the old colorful city center of Valladolid that offers plenty of secured (affordable) parking spaces where you can even leave your helmet if you want.

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Tell me more about Valladolid

Instead of telling you about Valladolid, I will show it to you. Because images speak so much louder than words. The city is gorgeous, especially when you compare it to Cancun that lacks culture and history. Although it can be a busy place crowded with tour busses and people, the government in Valladolid seems to be in control.

Trafic is calm, rules apply, and are enforced by hard-working policemen and women throughout the city. Yet the city breathes an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness. There seems to be no rush despite the crowded streets and diversity of interest. For it is not only tourists, but it is also traffic passing through and local traffic that needs to use the city center streets.

Buildings are beautifully kept and you can see the people value the history of the city.

I am definitely not going to do a “top things to do” in the city. This is not that kind of travel blog. I want you to go out and explore. And Floating Coconut will give you an impression of what is there to see.

These are my best travel photos from Valladolid

The city is extremely photogenic and everywhere you look there are beautiful sceneries to take photos of. Walking around in this city as a photographer will give you an amazing time especially when you love architecture.

Here are my best travel photos from my visit to Valladolid.


Our most epic rides are available as free GPX downloads on this website (click)

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Join us on our epic motorcycle road trip “from Pueblo to Pueblo”

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Our most epic rides are available as free GPX downloads on this website (click)

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