From Pueblo to Pueblo,  Mexico

Let’s visit Francisco May in Mexico

We are on this epic road trip through Mexico, we call it: From Pueblo to Pueblo, simply because we ride roads that not many tourists travel. We love to explore, we love to meet the local people and discover the true Mexico. 

Today we ride from Cancun, over the 180, to Francisco May, a small village at the end of a long road. After this village, the road continues to the middle of nowhere as an unpaved road, but we keep that for a later date.

from pueblo to pueblo

We travel from Pueblo to Pueblo

Francisco May is a small town in Quintana Roo, just an hour’s drive from Cancun. Although Google Streetview does not show much and Google maps shows what is supposed to be a dirt road, the road to this village is paved and in rather good condition. Lots of Rancho’s are located on this road for fiestas or daytime spending during the weekend and holidays.

We stopped in the middle of the village, to buy a drink at a local store. It was in a little Maya house, my son went in and as he was standing in the doorway it showed how small some of the original Mexicans are.

There were lots of wildfires while driving through the Quintana Roo landscape.

We travel through Mexico from Pueblo to Pueblo, we take roads not many tourists take, this gives us an amazing and refreshing impression from Mexico away from all the cliches and prejudice.

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Help me help people

Mexico is suffering under the COVID rules and I meet more poverty than ever. With my small budget, I can’t do much, but I help where I can.
Especially the bare-footed hard-working kids and the elderly that have no family to take care of them.

Help me help the people I meet on my motorcycle trip through Mexico

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An epic Motorcycle Adventure through Mexico

  • over 5500 km
  • right through the heart of Mexico
  • from Cancun to La Paz
  • from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean
  • no toll roads

I pass through villages where seldom tourists come, if ever! Follow my Motorcycle trip through Mexico here on the website or on YouTube  (Go to Leaving Holland Channel)

Jeanette, a Dutch female nomad, started to travel the world at the age of 17. Walker of beaches, shell searcher and iPhone photographer. Writer and owner of two websites Currently, she lives in Mexico. She is an emigration coach and works online.

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